Tour this Grade-I listed building designed by Jo Littlefair


Jo Littlefair and Martin Goddard of interior design company Goddard Littlefair have created interiors for five-star hotels as well as residential properties. Their latest project has seen them design the schemes for apartments in a Grade-I listed building in London. Jo showed us around one of the apartments and explained the challenges and unusual room shapes they came across. Take inspiration here...


This is an amazing space! We may not have such wonderful architecture at home, but we'd love some tips on making the interior of a large dual or multipurpose room work well?

"We like to form individual areas within large rooms (as picture above) - be that a dining area, seating group, a snug or library. By giving each area identity, it increases the sense of moving through a space, creating a journey as it were. Scaling furniture appropriately is something we are fastidious about as it means we can control proportions and attain that designed-to-fit look, rather than simply filling spaces with oversized modular sofas – this is a much more considered approach."


Great display at the end of the hall. Can you tell us more?

"Each of the apartments here have so many twists and turns that it is important to have key focal points to create clear distinction between areas. We felt deepening the wall colour demonstrated a shift from living areas to more personal areas such as the bedroom, and the mirrors give a quirky touch while adding the illusion of extra space."


Can you talk to us through the kitchen scheme?

"The kitchen is blessed with a skylight and a wonderful floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall window looking out over the water garden. We complemented the copious amounts of natural light with light grey tones and white cabinetry – allowing for the light to reflect from the walls. To create warmth we softened the window by adding curtains, not a common sight in a practical area, but it definitely made the kitchen-dining area more welcoming with the added benefit of privacy, particularly in the evening."


Love the colour scheme in this bedroom. Can you explain why you picked it?

"We designed each of the apartments here with a particular type of buyer in mind and we chose to give this apartment a feminine personality. We envisioned an owner who was interested in the arts, and in particular the ballet, hence the beautiful ballerina artwork. Throughout the scheme we used silvers, taupes, greys and purples. The silver and deep purples in this bedroom are perhaps a stronger side of this scheme with very dramatic curtains and a romantic headboard, which both show off the amazing proportions of this apartment."


Fab room, awkward shape. How did you deal with its challenges?

"Yes, a circular bedroom is indeed an interesting shape to work within. We built a wall to create a wardrobe area and divide the space. This immediately gave us the location for the bed but we had to be very careful to scale the bed and headboard to fit, and also not overpower the room. Bedside tables were impossible to fit so we decided to use some lovely antique brass floorstanding reading lamps as alternative light sources. Brass is extremely popular at the moment as it adds a warmth to rooms. The very low ceilings meant we had to use a shallow ceiling fitting, which always attracts a lot of interest from viewers of the apartment and consequently became a focal point of the room."

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