Gorgeous Home Guide: Tour this colourful Christmas house


When it comes to decorating Hazel Edghill keeps bang on trend and even at Christmas she doesn’t lose her cutting edge. Take the tour of her five bedroom, three-bathroom terraced house in South London, which she shares with her husband Tim and their three sons, here…

Walk through her front door and there’s an instant festive feel to Hazel Edghill’s home, which was built in 1910. But it’s not an explosion of tinsels and gaudy baubles, instead it’s cool, contemporary and utterly in keeping with her designer look. “I adore Christmas,” she says. “When I was a child I always made the swag for the mantle at home,” she recalls. “For me it was almost as exciting as opening the presents. From there I guess it just snowballed."



Decorating the house for Christmas is a joy for Hazel and Tim, who have spent eight years renovating the property. When they bought it, Tim says the house had ‘a very poor lean-to extension at the back’. “In 2006 we embarked on a five-month project to totally rebuild it,” he explains, “incorporating a six-foot wide side passage - space just crying out to be used - and an open-plan kitchen/living/dining room. It was a massive job as all the sewage pipes in the passageway had to be re-laid. At the same time, we had all the windows at the back of the house replaced.”


Hazel adds: “I was expecting Adam at the time (he was born in October, three months into the build) so the race was on to get everything finished for that Christmas. The builders were brilliant. They took over the ground floor and we had a make-shift kitchen upstairs.”

Once the downstairs had been remodelled, the couple gradually updated the rest of the house. The bathrooms were last on the list, finally finished in May 2011. The couple re-designed the house themselves. “We sketched out what we wanted then called in an architect,” says Tim. “To be honest, we found we were the ones coming up with the ideas rather than the other way round. Hazel is brilliant at visualising space and she’s also great at managing the budget and spending on important items that matter, but being thrifty elsewhere.’

Hazel’s skill at pulling room schemes together is evident in every room, too. ‘I always have a project on the go,’ she admits. ‘I painted the huge Penguin book canvas myself after seeing one in some pictures of Hollywood actress Courtney Cox’s Miami home.’


Hazel’s Christmas decoration collection has grown and grown along with her enthusiasm for festively decorating her home – even though she’s now in a male-dominated household. “I am lucky in that our three boys love Christmas too and they always help to choose and decorate the tree,” she says.


From the moment the front door opens you’re entering a magical indoor wonderland. The stair bannisters and doorways are adorned with green garlands, giant glass baubles and lights. Walk through into the airy open-plan kitchen/dining/living room and there are huge white paper stars hanging from the lofty ceiling, pretty table accessories and, at the far end, a spectacular soaring tree. “It doesn’t take long to decorate at all,” says Hazel. “Tim goes outdoors to collect greenery and berries from the garden while the rest of us decorate the tree. It all seems to come together pretty quickly after that.”



Hazel’s top design tips

- Frosty greens, silver and glass are cool and contemporary. Add plenty of crystal and mirrors to give the scheme extra sparkle.

-An accent colour such as purple or pink adds punch.

- Christmas tree decorations don’t just have to hang on a tree. Try stringing them across a window on thread.

Words adapted from: Sally Gillam

Photos: Colin Poole

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