8 Expert Tips For Luxe Lighting in the Living Room


This week in our ACHICA Guide to Christmas we’re focusing on luxurious lighting and ways you can add style and warmth at home this season. We got chatting to Lucy Martin, author of The Lighting Bible and design director at John Cullen Lighting, to find out her expert lighting tips for preparing our pads for winter…

Top lighting tips for the living room

1. Before you make any decisions on lighting, work out exactly where your furniture will be going and which focal points you want to highlight.

2. As your eye is drawn to the brightest point, highlighting artwork, curtain treatments and mirrors will create dramatic focal points.

3. Lighting joinery is a great way to highlight books or objects. This can be done in a number of ways: highlighting specific items with a 1w baffled Eyelid Under cupboard Light or using a linear LED Contour strip concealed within the depth of the shelf for an atmospheric glow.  Use light to the front of shelves to wash down book spines and at the rear to create depth and texture to silhouette objects.


4. Use 5amp sockets so all your floor lamps can be controlled together and always make sure you have ample 5amp sockets in the corners of living rooms as these areas are often forgotten.

5. Lighting the centre of a room pulls the seating together. If you have a central coffee table, for example, think of using a 10° beam to create a narrow focus on a particular ornament or bunch of flowers for easy drama.


6. To bring light into the centre of a large room, make sure you have floor sockets for lamps either side of a sofa.  It will help the conversation flow.

7. Consider making more of the fireplace by lighting the surround either with two 1w Lucca uplights if you are starting from scratch or add two plug-in Highlights for a great retro-fit solution.

8. Always fit dimmers to each lighting circuit for flexibility in the living room.  You will be able to change the mood at the touch of a button.


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