Interior designer Vincent Cullane gives us a tour around one of his latest projects

Increation was set up by cabinet maker Vincent Cullane a little over ten years ago. One of his projects involved converting a Victorian mill in Shoreditch, London. We caught up with him to tour the property and asked him how he put together some of these designs...

What features did you want to highlight in the living room (above)? 

The property is an old industrial building and we wanted to enhance the rawness of it while creating a beautiful and warm feeling. Brick walls and the existing supporting beams were all used to create accents. These were mixed with warm tonal colours and cosy furnishings to create an overall welcoming and homely feel.

What is the key to getting a relaxing but inspiring look in the home office?

The key is to ensure it's well organised. A home for everything, then add touches of warm elements like the wood flooring above or cushions like on this spare bed. Personal items like photos always look good especially on walls, just make sure they are in good frames and neatly organised.

How did you get the exposed brickwork to work inside the home?

The brickwork naturally worked well within the scheme so the main key was to ensure that the other material balanced well against the bricks varied tones. We chose to use an olive ash on the wall panels and the clients own solid oak table was perfect to get the right balance.

The kitchen has a completely different look and feel from the rest of the flat. What was the inspiration behind it and how did you make the most of the small space?

Spatial planning was key to this scheme. Huge amounts of time were spent getting the best from it. In the kitchen we used bench seating and a curved island to make the most from it and combined this with a striking, bold colour. We wanted to create an individual space that reflected other elements of our client personality and because she loved purple, the shade became instrumental in setting the tone of this room. We then balanced this with the grey to ensure the sophistication wasn’t lost. Entertaining lay at the heart of this specific project so the open-plan cooking space we created in the kitchen allowed for cooking, chatting and nibbling to happen comfortably, leading to dinner in the warm loft space. 

What wonders did you do in the bathroom to get such a serene looking space?

There were three elements we had to get right; the curved wall, tiles and lighting. Originally there was only one bathroom and we created two. In this specific room we added the curved wall to make it a real feature of the bathing area. Then we used Bisazza vertical white and silver strip tiles to accentuate the curved wall and detailed the tiles further by using them in the vanity unit door. This was all set against feature lighting which brought the whole look together.

Thanks to Increation for interview and images.

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