Fantastic floor paint ideas

"Forget painting the town red, paint your floors blue, yellow, pink or anything!" say interiors stylist Emma Morton Turner...

“Years ago, when I wanted to paint my bathroom floor there weren’t many colour options available. It was basically white or very close shades to it. You could always get a varnish or wood stain but they don’t have quite the same effect do they? Now it seems paint companies are getting clued up on the action and have created some amazing, long lasting, hard wearing and more importantly, beautiful, shades to paint floors with. Just look what you can do with a little imagination.

Opt for light shades

Paler neutral colours will always be a popular choice for floors as they make a room feel so much larger and brighter. They’re perfect for an upstairs room where footfall is lower. A bedroom or dressing room in this in Natural Taupe 2 by Dulux is just the ticket.

‘Treat your floor with a standard primer for wood or metal first,’ says Dulux Technical Training Consultant Matt Gray.  ‘A specialist floor coating should be used as the finishing coat due to the durability required for floors. We suggest using International or Dulux Trade floor paint.’

2. Make wood work

When you have a room with lots of wood to paint - table, chairs, floor or even walls, choose a soft palette. Pastels are so on trend right now that you can’t go wrong. A dining room is the perfect place for painting the floor. It’s a frequently used room and the specialised floor paints by Little Greene will withstand any knocks and spills. Shown here is a Lead White Oil-Based floor paint that creates a serene and breezy feel.

3. Choose the right colour

When it comes to those heritage looking chalky hues Farrow and Ball has it covered. The company has recently launched a new floor paint range that lets you choose colours from any of their existing 132 shades. We love the way you can use them to create a runner on your stairs. Simple yet so effective. The main colour used here is Dove Tail floor paint, with stripes in Babouche, Mahogany and Arsenic. Pointing Estate Eggshell is used on the banister, Light Gray Estate Eggshell is used on the wood paneling and Pointing Estate Emulsion is used on the walls.

4. Bathe in style

You would think that with all the water and moisture in a bathroom that a painted floor wouldn’t last? Well think again. The technology in floor paints means that as long as you prime and paint according to the manufacturers instructions, you’ll have floors like new for years to come. Pictured here is Little Greene’s Whitening oil-based floor paint and Salix Absolute matt emulsion on the walls. The bath panel is painted in Whitening Intelligent Eggshell and the side table is in Bone China Blue Intelligent Eggshell. Stunning.

5. Get creative

You can do so much with floor paints - create edges, alternate floorboards in different colours or make a bold rug design like this one. Use a low tack masking tape to mark out the areas to be painted and remove it while the paint is still wet so you get nice straight lines.

Shown above is a rug created with Little Greene oil-based paint – from left to right is Skirting, Hicks Blue, Purpleheart, Tivoli, Narcissus and Debutant. The wall is painted in Hicks Blue.

The stripes around the fireplace here have been created with Farrow & Ball’s Cook’s Blue floor paint."

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