Test your music knowledge with trivia inspired by the Iconic Rock Photography promotion at ACHICA

If, as Blondie put it so well, all you want is a room with a view, then just set your eyes on the effortlessly cool framed prints in today's Iconic Rock Photography promotion at ACHICA. The rare prints are a sight to behold and will dazzle your interior scheme - a vision of Blondie, Springsteen, Sumner, Bowie, Prince, The Clash, Mozza and more. We've put together a few fun 'who knew' facts about the music legends featured in the promotion. Test how up to scratch your music trivia knowledge is here...

1. Did you know? Blondie disbanded in 1982. After pursuing a solo career and appearing in a few movies, Debbie Harry and the three founding members of Blondie reunited in 1999.

[Image above:  Debbie Harry / Blondie 1978. Image below: Debbie Harry / Blondie Manchester 1977]

2. Did you know? Springsteen has fans in high places. Barack Obama once said he ran for President because he couldn't be Bruce Springsteen!

[Image below: Bruce Springsteen 1979]

3. Did you know? New Order's Bernard Sumner has the nickname "Barney" and an early Joy Division bootleg credits him as Barney Rubble!

[Image below: New Order's Bernard Sumner 1995]

4. Did you know? Morrissey once sent Oasis musician Noel Gallagher, who lived relatively near to him, a postcard saying "Let's go shoplifting". But when Noel went round to Morrissey's house he refused to answer the door. 'Well, never mind, never mind'.

[Image below: Morrissey Doncaster 1991]

5. Did you know? In the 1990s David Bowie and his wife Iman bought a luxury getaway in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines' island of Mustique. The home is a stone's throw away from fellow musician Mick Jagger's villa and the home of fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger. The island is a favourite haunt of the royals, including Kate and William who took a 'babymoon' there in Feb 2013. Bowie's place was built to resemble a magical Balinese temple, with a pond and infinity pool running through the centre of the stunning hilltop property. After four years of living there however, Bowie decided he'd had enough of Mustique and sold the villa to the poet and publisher Felix Dennis, who has lived there ever since.

[Image below: David Bowie 1985]

6. Did you know? Led Zeppelin's song 'Going to California' is a tribute to Joni Mitchell. An accomplished musician, Mitchell plays the guitar, piano, oboe and autoharp.

[Image below: Joni Mitchell 1968]

7. Did you know? Product designer Sebastian Conran once shared a flat with Joe Strummer, lead singer of The Clash. Joe's original name was John Graham Mellor, but he used to strum Johnny B Goode on a ukulele on the London underground, which is how he got the name 'Strummer'.

[Image below: The Clash 1977]

8. Did you know? During his career, Prince has changed his name four times, he has produced 10 platinum albums and had 30 top 40 singles. He's certainly successful enough to buy a lot of diamonds and pearls...ha!

[Image below: Prince 1981]

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