Behind the design: Royal Doulton

The Royal Doulton Company is one of the most renowned English companies producing tableware and collectables synonymous with style and quality. As its glassware and crystal range comes to ACHICA we step back in time and take a closer look behind the brand...

It all 1815 when John Doulton joined forces with Martha Jones, and John Watts and set up a small factory in Lambeth, London. The business specialised in making stoneware and went by the name Jones, Watts and Doulton. John Doulton’s son Henry soon became an apprentice and in 1846 set up his own independent pottery company. After the departure of Watts and Jones, the two factories merged and became known as Doulton and Company and became known for its decorative vases and dinnerware. Henry later went on to take full control of the company after the death of his father.

Momentum gathered...after Henry purchased a small pottery factory called Pinder, Bourne & Co, in Burslem, Staffordshire. The factory had already established a reputation for its work using fine bone china. Doulton’s art director John Slater encouraged Henry to start using this material and incorporating it with the growing trend toward bright porcelain. By 1884 Henry had started using the new material and as a result the factory attracted a string of talented decorators and painters.

Mood of the moment... By 1885 Doulton had gained interest and accreditation from a number of people and exhibitions. The products came to the attention of the British Royal family and Queen Victoria was so impressed that she knighted Henry Doulton in 1887 and later in 1901 King Edward VII gave the Burslem factory the Royal Warrant which allowed it to change its name to Royal Doulton.

More than a label it’s a way of life...Today Royal Doulton has evolved and merged with other English brands, including Minton and has become part of the Waterford and Wedgwood group. Royal Doulton collaborated with chef Gordon Ramsay, food stylist/author Donna Hay and fashion designer Monique Lhuillier. Royal Doulton continues to grow and maintains a strong presence in the kitchen and home market.

Top 5 tips to help you care for your crystal

Be sure to store your crystal where it won't touch other items and do not store your glasses upside down as this can put pressure on the rim.

Before washing, line your sink with a tea towel to avoid any accidents.
Hand wash your crystal with a mild detergent and use a lint free cloth for drying to prevent any residue.

Use only warm when washing and rinsing - quick changes in temperature can cause cracking or clouding.

Add a little vinegar to the dish water to keep hard water spots from appearing.

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