Top Tips: How to pack the perfect holiday suitcase

It’s finally here, that wonderful time of year that comes once (or twice for the lucky few) a year – your holiday! Once you've got your holiday things together - sun lotion, check, bikinis, check, sunglasses, flip flops, Kindle, check, check, check - the only thing left that will take some effort is actually packing your suitcase. And, as fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg once said: “When you figure out your suitcase, you figure out your life!”

So, to make your pre-holiday preparation a breeze, here are a few tips on how to pack the perfect holiday suitcase...

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1. First of all, invest in a lightweight suitcase or holdall. The Samsonite Aeris Spinner available at ACHICA today is great for travelling. The modern aerodynamic design comes with double wheels at each corner but, like a racing car, the wheels at the back are larger than those at the front. It also has a handbrake making it a lot easier to control and manoeuvre.

2. A week before you plan to go on holiday, go through your wardrobe and pick out everything you want to take on holiday and set it aside. A day or two later lay your clothes out on your bed and pick three or four tops for every bottom and two dresses. By doing this you will remember which items don’t fit you so well and aren't actually that comfortable.

3. When you've got this far, plan which outfits can be dressed up with shoes and accessories – i.e. a dress can be worn with flip flops during the day and then with wedges and jewellery for the evening. Remember it’s more practical to change your look with accessories rather than a whole new outfit.

4. If you are heading to the beach it’s a good idea to ditch the denim.

5. Three pairs of shoes should be enough – a pair of wedges or heels, light pumps and flip-flops nd one pair should be worn on the flight.

6. Toiletries take up most of the weight so instead of lugging that 500 ml can of hairspray, opt for a travel size. The same goes for everything else and you can always pick up other things from duty free or on holiday.

7. Pack things flat to prevent them creasing and roll soft garments, such as t-shirts, into your shoes or into the corners of the suitcase, the same goes for underwear and bikinis.

8. It’s a good idea to think about what you will be doing when you arrive at your destination. If you’re heading to the beach or sleeping, pack you bikini or PJs on top or, even better, keep them in your hand luggage.

9. Leave a little room at the bottom on your suitcase - nearest the wheels - for your heaviest items like toiletry bags and shoes. Make sure these are individually wrapped in a bag to avoid any leakage or dirt rubbing onto your clothes. This way, when the suitcase is upright the weight of the products won't crease anything.

10. It's a good idea to start a holiday drawer or box where you keep all the essentials like a phone charger, travel adaptor, camera and passport - this way you avoid a panic the night before.

Happy holidays!

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