Colourful kitchen ideas

Fed up of the same neutral shade in your kitchen? While a white or grey streamlined kitchen may look immaculate there will come a time when it starts to look a little staid. But before you plan a major overhaul, check out some simple ways to add colour and character to your kitchen...


You can easily add colour and personality to your kitchen with colourful dishes and collectibles. These wonderful stoneware pieces (above) from Nador are inspired by the warmth of the Mediterranean. They look great on their own or in a matching set but we think the best way to show them off is by mixing them up to give an eclectic style to your kitchen.

Another bold shade that's worth a try is fuchsia pink. Perhaps you're partial to a dash of pink in your clothing and accessories when the sun's out and there's no reason to stop there. Add it to interiors for a savvy way to add style. Think one-off accessories like your kitchen scales or utensils (all available from the Kitchen Colour & Chrome promotion at ACHICA today). If you prefer another summer bright, pick from red, orange or blue. And the best part? The colour can provide the starting point to the kitchen's new colourscheme.

If you're still unsure about too much colour then why not start with something simple first. These side plates and serving set from Sagaform are great because they feature a pop of colour on the inside adding vibrant shades subtly.

[Top image from RPS Home Improvement]

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