How to work stripes into your decor

Think stripes for your interiors and smart is the adjective that may spring to mind. But this versatile motif has so much more to it than a hint of Savile Row tailoring. There are many benefits to incorporating stripes into a room scheme so here's a look at some of the many qualities they can bring to your home...

1. Think scale when you’re picking your stripes. A wide stripe can have a more relaxed effect than its super-thin cousin, so pick it for rooms where you want to create an easy atmosphere rather than a formal feel. So for a sociable kitchen-diner think broad stripe, while for an 'everyone-on-their-best-behaviour living room' think thin stripe. Easy. These fabrics (above) are from the Mimi Checks and Stripes collection at Harlequin.

2. If your room’s dimensions aren’t what you’d like them to be, think stripes. A vertical stripe will draw the eye upwards, helping to elevate a low ceiling; while a vertical stripe can create the illusion of a wall wider than it really is. If you’re lucky enough to have lofty ceilings though, don’t shy away from a vertical stripe. There’s no better way to draw attention to your room’s perfect proportions – and why wouldn’t you? Pictured below is Crispin Stripe wallpaper by Albany Conversation from WallpaperDirect.

3. Of course, stripes don’t just do a rather good job on the walls and furniture – they’re a great solution for the floor. We love them best in the hallway because they can turn a featureless corridor into a rather smart entrance, as well as leading the eye up the staircase, so it makes an impact. Pictured below is the Marrakesh Morocco runner by Kersaint Cobb.


4. Love creating new room schemes? Stripes are easy to combine with other patterns in your interior because – and we mean this in the nicest possible way – they’re simple. Stick to the 'rules' though and find a linking colour theme between your patterns to avoid a too-busy room. Pictured here is the Evert wallpaper from the Götheborg collection at Sandberg.

5. Colour is key when you’re picking your stripe. Blue and white will suggest coastal style; candy colours bring energy to a room; and a neutral palette says sophistication. These fabrics are from the Clover collection at Prestigious Textiles.

6. Introducing subtle stripes into your home via your bedlinen is a good idea too. The Madison duvet from belledorm creates a subtle yet sharp look and ties the scheme together. Available from ACHICA today.

7. And for the floor, Phoenox Rugs has a variety of striped rugs including this green pure wool design, available at ACHICA today.

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