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When she’s not modelling for top brands including Chanel, Temperley London and Radley or being photographed by the legends that are Mario Testino and David Bailey, Laura Bailey writes for Vogue and is cultural ambassador to the British Fashion Council. ACHICA Living chats to Laura about her fashion icons, top beauty tips and life at home, which includes pogo-sticking, Danish furniture and Persian cuisine…

You’re cultural ambassador for the British Fashion Council.  Can you tell us which designers inspire you?

Simone Rocha. Fashion as art. Simply everything I want to wear and am saving up for.

Sister by Sibling. Knitwear on acid. Mood-changing , life-enhancing originals.

Trager Delaney. The woman I'd like to be.

Bella Freud. Modern classics. A woman with a pure vision (and on a mission), hyper-intelligence and the best friend a girl could dream up.

Jonathan Saunders. For so many reasons. Dream dresses and everyday essentials, but also the man I pray I'm sitting next to or walking home with at or after a party.

[Image below from left to right: Trager Delaney S/S 2013 collection and Sister by Sibling A/W 2013 collection]

Which cultural icons inspire you?

Mostly my friends:

Christiane Amanpour. Truth in reportage on an international stage, and inspirational friendship on the road.

Bella Freud. My co-conspirator in fashion and film and more.

Alexa Chung. So much more than a pretty face and the longest legs.

Thandie Newton. Actress, activist,  Supermama.

[Image below clockwise from left to right: Christiane Amanpour (source: Telegraph); Bella Freud, Thandie Newton and Laura Bailey (source; Laura Bailey and Thandie Newton (source MarieClaire).

Who or what inspires you daily?

My kids, first and foremost, who have taught me to simply be present and play, which is very important.

As a model what has been the most exciting shoot you’ve worked on?

Impossible, as I'm always looking forward to the next adventure, and don't look back…But the best shoots are always about the chemistry of the entire team, impossible to define, but absolutely magical when it just happens, again and again.

What is your top style tip in terms of fashion?


What’s your top beauty tip?

No tips except the obvious; sleep, water, laughter, wine…

My ratios not ideal...

Which products could you not live without? 

Crème de la mer Soft Creme. My everyday miracle rejuvenating skincare.

Una Brennan Super Facialist Rose Hydrate Cleanser. My very own 'superfacialist' (for 15 years) is sharing her secrets at Boots (and I am trying not to be possessive..).

Sisley suncare. I love a natural tan, but have learnt to be sensible via Sisley...

Tell us something about yourself that you've never told anyone...

I'm a natural on a pogo stick, bouncing sky-high, much to my kids' amusement.

When you’re not working, what are your hobbies?

A dream day off would involve some kind of combination of a sprint around the park, a trip to RELLIK, my favourite vintage store in W10 to play dress-up, an afternoon movie matinee and an art adventure with my friend Josh Wood. And a long lazy supper on the terrace at Dock Kitchen (pictured below), my favourite neighbourhood restaurant, with all my favourite girls, if I'm lucky.

What is your top design tip in terms of home and design?

I don't 'design' at home, just simply collect the things I love, and move everything around from time to time. I've always got pictures to frame and hang, piles of boxes and paperwork, and bags of clothes waiting to go to Oxfam. We're redecorating our basement right now, and I should probably be making important decisions….Maybe tomorrow.

Which room do you love to spend most of your time in at home? 

My favourite room at home is my kitchen (presuming my garden doesn't count). I'm guilty of a makeshift 'office' at one end of our kitchen table but am never happier than with an enormous gang of kids coming and going, eating and playing. I love our rainbow fibre optic Shimmer chandelier by British designer Sharon Marston, which floats above, shape-shifting with the light of the day. And on a summer's night, the garden beyond becomes almost a part of the space, open doors leading to blossom-arches and picnic-blankets in the twilight.

[This Shimmer Light by Sharon Marston features 5,500 pieces of kiln curved, dichroic glass in iridescent shades of blues, turquoise, pinks, reds and orange and yellow].

What is your favourite piece of furniture at home? 

Possibly an old Danish green leather rocking chair, which has travelled from home to home with us and in which my babies have fallen asleep in my arms.

Do you have a lot of home technology and what’s your favourite gadget?

I argue with my boyfriend about technology all the time. I hoard my old CDs and still want to just press PLAY. But, my new obsession is my Samsung Smart TV, which I use to display my s[edition] digital art and catch up on TV I've missed while I've been out and about.

Do you like cooking and what is your signature dish? 

My signature dish is takeout from my local Persian…My (not-so) secret dinner party cheat. But my kids will agree I make excellent pancakes and the simplest of lemon drizzle cakes. All else is lies.

How would you describe your average day and how do you love to spend the weekends? 

I don't understand the concept of an 'average day', but my dream weekend involves simply hanging out with my kids between our local skate-park and favourite haunts. Having said that, this weekend I'm running away to Paris...

[Laura Bailey is working with Samsung to launch its new F8000 Smart TV]

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