Interior Designer Homes: Tour this luxury beachside retreat in the Hamptons

This luxurious home is tucked away in a beachside village in the Hamptons, US. The owners wanted a sophisticated but relaxed look and feel for their new place. Interior designer Tamara Magel, who styled the home, talks us through the beautiful decorating project...

Where did you start when it came to decorating this home?

The main inspiration for this home came from the beach view and the backyard farmland. Gibson beach is one of the most coveted beaches in Sagaponack in the Hamptons. So we pulled in the grey and blue tints from the ocean and the green and tan from the land. A mix of mohair, linens and leather creates interest around the home and grass cloths have been used in the halls and bathrooms to keep with natural feel.

Talk us through how you put this living room together...

We tried to bring in the mossy greens coming from the farmland in the background - we used a light green mohair, yellow parchment shades and silk grey pillows, along with painted walls in a light/grey green paint colour tone. The owners wanted a house that was minimal yet comfortable, so we chose larger pieces of furniture and used few pieces and then simply added textures for interest.

This kitchen looks like it was designed with glamour and entertaining in mind. Any tips on balancing the two? 

White marble is always glamorous and adding the farm table allows a more relaxed feeling, which helps with entertaining. It's important that people feeling comfortable. The U-shape kitchen allows easy access for entertaining and the kitchen facing the table allows guests to interact with whoever is in the kitchen cooking. Having a path for movement around the room is what allows for a good entertaining space.

What’s your favourite feature in the home?

One of my favourite areas ended up being the vanity and closet in the master bathroom. We gutted the existing master bedroom and a guest bedroom and recreated a space for the owner to do her makeup, get dressed and wash small laundry items. The flow from the bathroom around to the master bedroom worked out perfectly. We used travertine and mixed it with natural skin and horn/polished nickel knobs. It was glamorous yet rustic, my two favourite combinations.

Any tips on mixing classic with contemporary designs?

I like to add contrast, so I start with a classic vignette and then add just a touch of the opposite, so a modern piece of art or modern accessories. It's the same if you start with a predominately modern room and add interesting rustic accent  pieces. Trust your gut, people tend to question this and intuition can really guide you to selecting things that relate to one another even if they seem like they don’t.

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