Add a touch of grandeur with damask wallpaper

Want to spend your time in interiors with a touch of grandeur? Unless you’re in the market for a house move, or you’re going to hang out in stately homes every day, the easy option is to hang a damask wallpaper. A damask will add opulence in a trice – and being practical sorts, that’s the kind of solution we like.

Think about the furniture shapes you team with your damask wallpaper. The curvaceous lines and ornate detail of French-style pieces will maximise the glamour of your scheme, and tend to the traditional. Want to keep the focus on the walls? Then combine damask with furniture that has simple unfussy lines and doesn’t shout look at me. Confident to mix? Sleek modern furniture shapes will look a treat against the backdrop of your damask. This image above is Sinbad wallpaper from the Casa Nova collection at Graham & Brown.

Think colour when you’re picking your damask. Deep, rich shades look a treat, but they will make the walls of your room appear closer. That’s fine for a dining space, where intimacy is what you’re after. If a smaller-feeling room is about as welcome as a shelf of teasmaids in your home however, choose a pale colourway for your wallpaper. It can still be ultra-luxurious of course, like this silver finish (as below) from the Platina collection, Giardini Wallcoverings at Blendworth. 

Damask patterns that stray a little from the classic look can create a decorative surprise – and as with all (good) surprises, we’re up for that. This take on damask from Barneby Gates fits the bill perfectly, and is beautifully on trend too, with stag antlers and thistles forming the elegant repeat.

Bathroom lacking decorative detail? Damask wallpaper is your friend here – providing you’re not the splashing type and have an equally well-behaved household. Hanging it on a single wall will do just fine, helping transform the most unpromising space into a room with just the right sense of its own importance. Our advice? Keep the colour fresh – deep jewel shades just won’t strike the right note in here. This is Ashby damask wallpaper from Sanderson.

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