We get back to basics with the New Naturals collection

You may all be familiar with the term ‘Form Follows Function’. It stems from one of the founding principles of Modernism and simply means that if something is designed well in the practical sense, then it follows that it should look just as good in the style stakes, and as you know only too well, that’s what we are all about here at ACHICA...

So with this as our inspiration, we are delighted to present a special event that focuses on the natural, the chic and the superbly designed. New Naturals is a collection of home décor elements that uses tones of the same colour for dramatic interior effect, creating a relaxed, comfortable and laid back feel in your space. Think hessian, dove and putty colours, alongside rich earth tones, which are all elemental to natural interior design.

Get back to basics while filling your home with warmth and practicality, it’s as if you have opened the doors and brought the colours of nature inside and with a natural, neutral palette the possibilities are endless for mixing and matching.

With stunning bedding by Sheridan, experts at Egyptian cottons and summer weight linens, and bent wood lighting by Tom Raffield, not to mention under-foot comfort by Rug Guru, these statement pieces will set the scene for the biscuit palette of product by Conran, Royal Doulton and Rorstrand that you will also find in this very special event.

When it comes to furniture think teak, oak and beech, they work beautifully with soft neutrals and can be used to stunning effect when creating a haven that is welcoming while not losing that sophisticated edge that is only achieved when tones of the same colour are grouped together.

The current trend for naturals is a great opportunity to create the perfect balance in your home and finally achieve that tranquil, calm, space that you crave. But remember nothing is set in stone, do what’s best for your family and lifestyle; choose colors, pieces and elements that can be loved and lived with comfortably every day. After all, the true spirit of natural decorating is ease of living and a return to a more casual and peaceful home.

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Angela Murray, ACHICA Art Buyer

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