Storage tricks to keep it simple yet stylish


Suffering from a surfeit of stuff? We know the feeling. Try these easy storage ideas to keep the clutter under control and the style looking slick...

1. If your coffee table tends towards the teetering pile of magazines rather than the odd beautiful interiors book, try swapping if for something with a bit of capacity. An antique style trunk or the real deal (as above) has the capacity to conceal what you need to keep but don’t want to show off, and perfectly complements a living room scheme with hotel-style elegance. The fabrics and upholstery in this room, pictured above, are from the Impasto collection from Harlequin.

2. Hiding in plain sight is a great strategy for household stuff. Mix up the plain things you need to store with beautiful decorative objects in one collection, and the latter is what you’ll see. Never forget, though, that ugly packaging is your enemy, so be ruthless with plastic or manufacturer’s labels that’ll stop you pulling off your magic trick.

3.  You could, of course, channel Martha Stewart with a meticulously planned approach to household necessities. It’s a great solution for a space like a utility room, allowing you to conjure up an attractive feature from the most unpromising of starts – which is a result if you ask us. The image above is from the ASA Selection.

4. Even the smallest of rooms needn’t be compromised by the things that gather there – you just need a cunning plan. We’re big fans of shelving that runs from wall to wall (as below). It doesn’t need to be very deep to hold a library full of books, so it won’t intrude into your room’s usable space. Try choosing a bed with storage space underneath, too. You can put the things that don’t look good on display there. Walls painted in Calamine, Farrow & Ball.

5. Bedside cabinet inclined to bulge at the seams? If so, why not get yourself a secondary chest of drawers to sit in the hall or beside the bed and you’ll have plenty of hideaway space, plus room on top for a lamp and decorative accessories. The chest of drawers shown here is by Frank Hudson.


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