Celebrate the release of The Great Gatsby with this Mint Julep cocktail recipe…

With The Great Gatsby film nearly upon us, we’re getting ready to party like it’s the Roaring Twenties. And what better drink to help celebrate the film of the year than a Mint Julep cocktail - The Great Gatsby era’s cocktail of choice. A mint julep makes a most refreshing summer evening drink, so it's a handy recipe to perfect as the weather warms up. Each bartender will have their own version, but here's a Mint Julep cocktail recipe that we made earlier here at ACHICA Living.  So grab your pearls, don your finest garb and transport your taste buds back to the glitzy Jazz age with one sip...

How to make a Mint Julep cocktail 


Around 20 healthy mint leaves. Plus a few extra for the garnish

2 tsp sugar

2 to 3 oz. bourbon

Lashings of crushed ice (use a blender on an ice crushing setting to achieve this, or crush gently with a pestel and mortar)


1. Find a tall Collins glass or old fashioned jam jar to serve your drink. Add sugar to the rim of the glass if preferred first and place to one side.

2. Muddle the mint leaves and sugar together until the sugar dissolves in the glass. This may take a few minutes but you'll smell the fresh mint in a sweet fragrant mix when it's ready.

3. Add the bourbon and stir.

4. Fill glass with crushed ice and stir until an icy frost develops on the outside of the glass.

5. Top with a mint leaf.

6. Enjoy and drink responsibly. One sip will knock your stockings off!

Photos: Maxine Bulloch

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