Make yourself at home with aged-effect homewares

Want to feel comfortable in your surroundings? Why not try swapping the pristine and the glossy for something, well, a bit shabbier? We don’t mean stop caring about your interiors, but if you want to feel instantly at home, exchanging a perfect, brand-new look for a loved and time worn appearance will put you at your ease. Try these great ideas...

Contrast the used and marked – like this table top above with pieces that have a fine finish to make it easier to see the qualities of both. These ceramics are from the Woodland collection by designer Alison Appleton.

After a change from glitz and gloss? Add simple materials to your interiors – or at least those inspired by them. This textured plain wallpaper is Khadi from the Wabi Sabi collection, Scion, and it was developed from the threads of a coarsely woven cotton cloth. It doesn’t look perfect, nor opulent, but it is simple and beautiful.

Bring the look to your table setting, too. Swap snow white linens for an undressed tabletop with a weathered surface, and exchange fine china tableware for something warmer and more tactile. These Scandinavian wooden breakfast plates and rack are from Rowen & Wren

Get the look in your choice of flooring, too. Textured and uneven surfaces will create an I’ve-lived-here-for-years feel, rather than the I-just-finished-unpacking-the-moving-boxes look. If you’re going for tiles, pick the soft appearance of pillowed edges rather than sharp, uniform lines of rectified-edge tiles. These floor tiles are Shire Aged limestone from the Flagstone collection, Indigenous.



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