Exclusive: Chef Bruno Oger chats Cannes, cuisine and cooking for Spielberg

It's not every day you get to cook for Cannes Grand Jury President Steven Spielberg, but for Two-Michelin-star chef Bruno Oger it’s becoming quite a habit and it’s with the ultimate precision that he creates his magical menus. With the Cannes Film Festival in full swing, ACHICA Living went to meet Bruno Oger on the French Riviera this week and looked behind the scenes at the Electrolux Agora Grand Pavilion where the stars have been dining daily. While there, we chatted to Bruno and sampled his Flavour of Film menu at the Chef's Table where he’s been serving up delicious courses to the stars…

Two-Michelin star holder and one time winner of Best French Chef of the Year Bruno Oger was responsible for co-created the Opening Gala Dinner in Cannes this week, with Three-Michelin-star holder Anne-Sophie Pic, and you can watch the behind the scenes video here. This week, he also served up a special Flavour of Film menu to the Cannes Grand Jury, who are pictured above, including Cannes festival director Thierry Fremaux, Christoph Waltz, Cristian Mungiu, Steven Spielberg, Nicole Kidman, Lynne Ramsay, Vidya Balan, Naomi Kawase, Ang Lee and Daniel Auteuil.

Here's the Flavour of Film menu that ACHICA Living got a chance to sample. It's inspired by Grand Jury President Steven Spielberg and his most iconic films.The menu references 'Spielberg’s creativity, sense of adventure and special effects, with the third course inspired by 1981 Oscar winning film, Indiana Jones'. “It’s not good food, it’s great food,” said Spielberg after tasting the menu. He also joked about the unpredictable weather Cannes has been experiencing this week.

Bruno Oger Spielberg Flavour of Film Menu

Fricassee of Frog & Clams with Foam Shell


Granita Lemon Marmalade Citrus Limoncello


Bresse chicken breast, leg ravioli with foie gras


Traou Mad Biscuit Rum Victoria White and Pineapple, Roasted Coconut Ice Cream


Lollipop Chocolate Rum Meringue

ACHICA Living interview with Electrolux-partner chef Bruno Oger at the Electrolux Agora Pavilion, Cannes: 

What was it like to cook for the Cannes Film Festival 2013 opening Gala Dinner?

It is one of biggest meals in France and so it was an honour – we had 600 people to cook for and everything had to run like clockwork.

Was it hard to decide on the perfect menu?

Anne-Sophie Pic is my friend and so we work well together and it was easy to decide on what would work. We chose King crab with shrimps, Pea and caviar with white foam of onion, and Seabass filet with rhubarb and celery, light bouillon with green apple, cinnamon, green aniseed. [Chef Anne-Sophie Pic not only holds Three Michelin Stars but was named the Best Female Chef by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2011- Ed]

What did Steven Spielberg think of the food?

He loved it and everyone was particularly impressed with the Chocolate and Caribbean cream dessert. We had to think about the region and the local produce we could find including seabass, garden pea, asparagus and basil – people expect to have these foods when they come to the South of France.

What's the most exciting dish you've ever created? 

Fricassee of Frog & Clams with Foam Shell that's in the Flavour of Film menu.

When you cook for yourself at home what do you like to eat? 

I don’t cook at home! But I love a barbecue with all the family.

What three ingredients could you not live without in your kitchen and what is your top cookery tip? 

I really love mushrooms, asparagus and good olive oil. Keep it simple.

What’s your favourite product in your kitchen?

I have two Electrolux Grand Cuisine ovens in my kitchen. I love my steam oven and fridge!  Sous vide cooking is very interesting as you can cook at 70 degrees to incredible results and it really respects the food.

What’s your favourite thing about the Cannes Festival?

The ambience and the people you meet at Cannes are all fabulous.

Have you had a chance to see a film?

No unfortunately not. The last time film I saw was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, directed by Spielberg, with my children...

[Incidentally, ACHICA Living can highly recommend hanging out in a Michelin-starred chef's kitchen. Just take a look at the stunning cakes we were surrounded by below. Possibly time to hit the gym now...]


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