How to design a unique interior by stylist Susie Clegg

Susie Clegg has been styling luxurious interiors for homes magazines, such as Livingetc and Homes & Gardens, and creating unique events for top brands like Sony and Bombay Sapphire for 15 years. Here she talks about styling and shares her tips for creating an eclectic interior that works.

How do you find your bits and pieces for styling?

I shop a lot! I find pieces everywhere really. Once I’ve been properly briefed for a project I keep my eyes peeled wherever I am. During weekends away, driving around, I am always on the look out for vintage shops and little independent boutiques. Mostly the products I am shooting are direct from my clients’ new ranges, but I do add in incidental props to help the shoot have a real-life feel.

I have collected an extensive selection of props over many years and have my own small prop store from which I can select exactly the right piece for any given job.

When someone asks you what a stylist does, what do you say?

‘Makes things look pretty!’ A stylist is responsible for selling products, whatever shape or size. Creating a look and feel, an inspirational, trend-led environment in which to show them off.

The best thing you ever found?

I don’t think I could pinpoint just one thing; we stylists are a fickle bunch so almost every day I find the ‘best’ thing!

When does an eclectic interior work and when doesn't it?

‘Eclectic’ is open to interpretation, but to create an ‘eclectic’ interior, everything has to be considered. Think about all the separate elements that will make up your scheme: colour palette, materials and finishes, flooring, accessories. Each element needs to be selected carefully. Mixing vintage and contemporary pieces can be tricky, but if you really think about what goes with what in terms of size, shape, tone and style, can look really effortless.

What never goes out of fashion in the home?

A neutral palette! This can be all white or a mix of soft greys and creams – this is really big right now. These tones are great to use as the base for paint colours or on key pieces of furniture. You can then keep up to date with interior trends by introducing bolder pieces into the neutral background as well as using bold patterned wallpapers or deep colours on selected walls. Using these muted tones helps give maintain balance within the interior, whatever the latest trends.


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