Storage Ideas: How to get a hideaway kitchen

When it comes to the modern kitchen, think of a task and there’s a tool or gadget to do it for you. Kitchens have never been so well-equipped with bread machines, ice-cream churners, mandolins and blenders. But a lot of kitchen kit, while useful and labour saving, isn’t especially easy on the eye. Add to this the different crockery and cutlery we need for our increasingly sophisticated eating and socialising and the kitchen can become one of the most cluttered rooms in the house if your storage isn't suitable.

A new trend is emerging among kitchen designers for ‘hideaway’ kitchens. Rather than paring down your possessions, the ‘hideaway’ approach encourages you to store as much as you can out of view. Cupboards are hidden behind sleek panels, while unusual storage solutions make use of otherwise useless space.

Kitchens don’t get much more hidden away than in DesignSpaceLondon’s Aramadio design, pictured above, where literally everything, including the kitchen sink, is stored behind closed doors. The Aramadio is perfectly suited to studio living, but Italian design specialists DesignSpaceLondon can create bespoke interiors whatever degree of minimalism you’re aspiring to.

Roundhouse kitchens make bespoke kitchens too, here in the UK. Its award-winning designer Jane Powell observes: ‘Keeping kitchens clutter-free is a perennial problem, but having a bespoke Roundhouse kitchen means that you can build in as much storage or space for equipment as you like. Anything from wine coolers and AV kit to large larders or workspace for a mini-office can be hidden away from view. Storing equipment behind a minimal façade maintains the sleek lines of a contemporary kitchen while keeping necessary kitchen paraphernalia out of sight.’

Taking a decluttered approach to ‘the heart of the home’ will also make the room feel more spacious. Clever storage is key – there is more to the minimalist kitchen than merely installing extra cupboards. Make every millimetre of space work.

A kitchen island provides extra surface space and can be adapted to provide an informal dining space, but it can also house a lot of kitchen equipment. This island is from Secret Drawer and makes use of storage square-footage that would otherwise be wasted.

Drawers and cupboards need to work hard. This clever drawer has been designed to house not only knives and stirring implements but chopping boards too. From Betta Living, the pull-out unit can be purchased as part of a new fitted kitchen or fitted retrospectively to an existing design.

Once you've arranged your infrastructure, keep it tidy by selecting equally pared-down storage solutions to go in your cupboards and units. Brabantia combines sleek design with everyday functionality, as shown with this insert, which allows you to see at a glance what each drawer contains.

The Camouflage Company’s English Rose and Petals range meanwhile features hard-wearing, water resistant and recycled boxes. The foldable range is ideal for storing bags of dried pasta and other kitchen essentials that you want to keep close to hand but may not necessarily have the space to store in your cupboards.

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