Gorgeous Home Guide: A luxurious city style home in the heart of North Yorkshire

Step inside this luxurious town house in North Yorkshire. The owners wanted a cool city-apartment look and feel and that's exactly what they got, courtesy of Lucia Caballero from Caballero Design. Here she talks us through this stylish project...

The colour scheme in the house looks really glamorous. Can you tell us what inspired it?

The inspiration came from the bold Port Lauren Marble (above), which was handpicked on a trip to Italy. Then we added a fantastic geometric fabric from Zoffany, which was used for the sofa framework. As this was a very bold pattern we decided to choose a contrasting texture and complementary colour so the sofa back cushions were done in a plain raw silk and bold black scatter cushions to pick up the black pattern in the main fabric. The second sofa was covered in a light aubergine Chase Erwin silk velvet and the rug was dyed to a special shade of purple to soften the slightly masculine colour scheme.

We are very taken with the use of marble in the bathroom. How did you create this look? 

We were asked that the master suite be transformed into something truly exceptional - it should be luxurious yet contemporary, and although ultimately a calming space, it should be far from bland. A Castello freestanding bathtub was selected to be the focal point for the room and its curves were then traced by a striking wall tiled with a pearlescent Bisazza mosaic. Light fixtures cause the glass mosaic wall to glimmer providing the perfect ambience for a relaxing bath. Arabescata marble was specified to line the remaining surfaces - individual marble slabs were selected from Italy and then laid in a book-matched pattern providing an unbroken tapestry of elegance.

Why did you decide to use a statement piece of art in the hallway?

We had quite a large hallway to think about, so my vision was a single statement piece of art that can be seen from the ground, first and second-floor landings, which form a central lobby to the house instead of small pieces that we thought would look too busy. This oversized piece gives a modern edge to this home as it spans from floor to ceiling.

The upholstered wall in the bedroom gives a very sumptuous and luxurious feel. How did you create this look? 

The goal for the existing master suite was for it to be transformed into something truly exceptional. The oversized bed backs onto a wall fully upholstered in buttoned Chase Erwin silk panels. Ornate silver lamps were added to give an air of decadence to the subtle handmade ebony side tables and the maroon and silver cushion fabrics finish it off by giving a masculine yet inviting feel to the room.

How did you go about choosing the right lighting for this dining room?  

We were asked to create a magical dining experience for an evening setting, so we used the crystal lighting to give a soft glow with the added reflection from the crystal spears. Then there's the down lights that were positioned to highlight the fireplace surround and console units, which act as a functional fitting. Lastly, the antique side table lamps add a traditional edge in contrast to the very contemporary chandelier.


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