Domestic Goddess Alert: Quick cleaning tips to make your home sparkle

The long weekend is once again upon us, hurrah! So in between the lie in and indulging in a little extra TV, why not tackle some of those cleaning tasks that keep getting put onto the end of the to-do list. We know time is precious, so here are a few quick and easy cleaning tips to enhance the sparkle in your home...

1. Make your cutlery sparkle

This is a handy little tip to try before a dinner party. Soak your cutlery in hot water and then add a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to help remove any stubborn stains. After ten minutes rinse and buff with a tea towel for a gleaming shine.

2. Descale the kettle, then sit back and enjoy a coffee

A simple thing that will make a big difference is cleaning and descaling your kettle. For best results, fill your kettle with half water and a few teaspoons of white vinegar and bring to the boil. Leave the solution inside for a few hours or for best results leave overnight. When cooled simply pour the solution away, boil the kettle with clean water a few times and give it a good rinse. You can also try wiping the outside of the kettle with the flesh of a lemon and then wipe clean with a cloth dipped in warm water for extra sparkle.

3. Clean and air your mattress for the soundest of sleeps 

A mattress protector is great because you can pop it in the washing machine as and when you like, but now and then it’s good to go in deeper and give the mattress a clean. Start by vacuuming the mattress to get rid of any dust, then with a very mild solution of warm water and laundry detergent, wipe the mattress with a gentle motion. Leave it to dry and then do the same on the other side. Once the mattress is completely dry replace the mattress protector with a clean one and you’re ready to snooze. Always refer to the care instructions first however.

[Opening image credit: Villeroy & Boch]

*Please note, these cleaning tips are general suggestions. Please refer to the relevant care instructions on your product if it requires specific care.

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