1920s decor for a lavish look at home

Contemplating the Carey Mulligan-as-Daisy fringe? The embellished drop waist dress or the long, pearl necklace? As Baz Luhrmann’s version of Fitzgerald’s classic novel The Great Gatsby hits the screens, we can set aside the wardrobe for a moment, and just think about the opportunity to dress up our homes. There’s an unmissable choice of Jazz Age inspired interiors buys out there, and we’ve got some ideas to get you started. Take a look here...

If you love the lines of 1920s fashion, why not bring it to your walls with 1920s flapper wallpaper? The elegant silhouettes make a fabulous motif for wallpaper and – let’s face it – they can wear the look every day, where you probably won’t want to. Tips for success? Go for sleek lines elsewhere in the room and keep the focus on your statement paper. Image top: Digetex Home.

Now obviously we’re thinking Roaring Twenties here rather than roaring fire, but if you want to transform your living room, an Art Deco fireplace has style that will last once everyone’s seen the film, revisited the novel, and grown out the new haircut. Make your focal point even more fabulous by showing it off against a wall painted in a contrasting shade. Image above: Art Deco surround, the Hulanicki collection, Chesneys.

Bathroom more functional than gorgeous? 1920s style may be the perfect solution. There are plenty of places to introduce the Gatsby touch even if your room doesn’t have palatial proportions. Think mirrors, lighting and even an upholstered chair for the perfect pampering space. Image below: Aluminium boat bath, BC Designs.

Take a lead from the rich detail of the time for an understated way to bring Gatsby style to your interiors. It’s easy to introduce luxurious touches with silk and velvet, or to add embellishment with sequins or feathers, and you can choose to do it with accessories or bigger pieces such as a velvet chair. Image below: Couch Design, which will be on promotion at ACHICA from 19th May 2013.


Add a simple touch of Jazz-age style with a decadent piece of wall art inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel. Stylish and evocative, these beautifully framed prints can be hung alone as a focal point but look equally strong in a collection of other pieces from the gallery at ACHICA.

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