Top 5 Daily Design Ideas from ACHICA

We know how hectic life can be, so we’ll cut to the chase: Here’s our edited selection of top 5 beautiful buys we’ve spotted on promotion at ACHICA today and savvy ideas you can take away for your own home…

Dress up your walls

Step away from the paint brushes and use stickers to liven up any dull walls. Easy to apply and with no messy residue or unwanted splatters you'll be done before you can say Dulux.

[From the Wall Re-Decoration promotion at ACHICA, which is on now until 6.30am 16 April 2013]

Pick recycled furniture

Mix and match your contemporary buys with vintage or recycled ones. They'll add character and charm to your design scheme and create a talking piece for guests.

[From the Vical Home Vintage promotion at ACHICA, which is on now until 6.30am 16 April 2013]

Make a statement with your lighting

Find a stand-out lighting solution with a creative looking pendant and brighten up a dull corner or corridor in your home - it's that simple.

[From the Natural Light promotion at ACHICA, which is on now until 6.30am 17 April 2013]

Design your own cork boards

Take out the glass or mirror from unwanted frames and add some cork or fabric to create quirky cork boards. Hang your pictures, notes and even your jewellery on them.

[From the Gallery Accents promotion at ACHICA, which is on now until 6.30am 17 April 2013

Paint the floorboards

Create an individual look by adding some floorboards in your bedroom and painting them white. The floor will look even more striking against bright bedding and walls.

[From the Bright Spring Bed Linen promotion at ACHICA from 6.30am 14 April to 6.30am 16 April 2013

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