Storage Ideas: Think big when it comes to small space living

A pied à terre is on everyone’s wish list these days, but when you do finally bag yourself your bijou city retreat, it’s vital to make the most of limited space. When it comes to storage, here are a few things to consider...

1. The key to furnishing a small apartment is to think about multi-functional fixtures and fittings. When floor space is at a premium, every piece you welcome into your new home has to work as hard as it can. Concealed storage is a great way of making the most of limited square footage. A handy carpenter can help you make the most of nooks and alcoves and it’s not only wardrobes that can be ‘fitted’ today. These clever cupboards from Sliderobes (pictured above) take the place of sideboard, shelves and other storage solutions.

2. The most common multi-tasker is a sofabed, but even these can be hefty so look for something streamlined. Ordinary beds are becoming increasingly multifunctional, too. As well as classic divans with in-built drawers, many manufacturers are now producing models with actual bed frames that lift up to reveal hidden storage – the ideal place for bedding and towels. Some designs even have TV built into the footer of the bed, which retract and appear via remote control.

3. Bedside storage is another area that requires planning. Many bedside consoles can be clunky, but this whimsical ‘wooden studio’ from Pretty Dandy is the perfect place for your alarm clock, glass of water and that novel you’re reading.

4. Think about furniture that does more than one thing. Chests or blanket boxes that double as coffee or side tables are a wise investment and come in all shapes and sizes. Likewise, furniture designs that make the most of would-be empty space are a good idea. A hallway table, such as the Golliath Double Basket console from Ingrained Design, is a great example of a piece of furniture that has beautiful form but is also highly functional. It has wooden and rattan drawers and two shelf spaces to satisfy all your storage needs. 

For beautiful furniture, accessories and daily design ideas for your home and lifestyle, shop at ACHICA 


For beautiful furniture, accessories and daily design ideas for your home and lifestyle,
shop at ACHICA.

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