Spa secrets: How to plan the perfect bathroom

We believe that everything is better after a bath. Had a bad day at work? Take a bath. Got a to-do list longer than your arm and you’re totally stressed out? Take a bath. When it comes to relaxing, nothing beats a long, hot bath. That's why it's important to make sure your bathroom is the perfect mix of style and practicality.

When designing any room you have to fall in love with it. When it’s a bathroom the tiles have to be right, the taps have to be just so, and the fixtures and fittings have to be perfect. Let’s face it, when you re-do a bathroom it’s an investment and it’s going to be around for a long time so there’s no room for mistakes. So if you want to get it right first time, follow these simple tips...

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Choose your tiles carefully. Tiles are the hardest decision in a bathroom. Not only do you have to consider the cost of buying and installing them, but once they’re up, they’re pretty much there for good, so you have to completely love them. Take your time choosing them. How about this Arabesque design by Johnson Tiles? They’re so detailed and colourful with a beautiful border and on just one feature wall they’ll look fantastic.

Place the space Positioning is everything when it comes to a bathroom. Wherever possible always replace like with like. If you want to move your WC to the other side of the room then you’re going to practically double your plumbers costs as he’ll have to mess around with a lot more pipes - if you don’t have to, don’t go there.

Let there be light. Choosing where your lighting is positioned should be one of the top priorities and first jobs. Nothing makes a room look dull like a lack of adequate lighting - even the smallest room in the house. Look out for the ‘IP 44’ rating on lighting, which means it’s splash proof. You can get all types of designs from spot lights and wall lights to chandeliers with this rating. It’s also worth knowing that a light above a mirror will create dark shadows - for applying make up, the perfect scenario is to have a light on either side of the mirror. Two of these Lucca spotlights should do the trick.

Power shower. When it comes to showers it’s not just about how good they look. The trend for micro-thin shower trays and big expanses of glass are all well and good (really good actually - especially for a wet room) but the shower head and pump really need to perform well. It’s all about pressure and water saving capabilities. Mira’s Agile shower with its double head and its ‘Magni-flo’ that allows up to three times more water flow even at low pressures is the perfect combination of sleek contemporary design matched with practicality.

Bathe in beauty. When choosing a bath it needs to look good, but it's essential you can lie down in it with your legs straight. There’s nothing more annoying than soaking in the tub with cold, bent knees (speaking from experience!). And yes we do mean getting in the bath in the showroom to check it’s the right fit. Roca has a beautiful range of long and wide baths. We love the Georgia design - its simply gorgeous.

Super storage. As a nation we’re addicted to storage. Baskets, boxes, tins and jars. In a bathroom it’s essential to keep all your bottles and make up easily accessible. Trollies are a nice idea and great for small and large bathrooms alike. They're also a great way to add instant colour to an otherwise plain room. Just add towels and towels and your theme will start coming together. For bathroom accessories including lighting, towels and storage, shop at ACHICA


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