Home colour trends for 2013

It’s time to gaze into our crystal ball, and take a look at the interior colour trends for Autumn/Winter 2013. Now, you may think this is a little unfair. After all, we’re still stuck in the winter of 2012. But let’s put aside our natural antipathy to skipping a summer just for a moment as we present the colour palettes that could be gracing the most fashion-forward of homes when the days shorten once again, care of the trend predictors at Crown Paints...

Whether you’re colour confident (but only if we’re talking small doses), or colour confident full stop, our first palette might tickle your autumn fancy. For the pop-of-colour lovers among you, we suggest using this palette’s strong but restrained tones – mossy green and charcoal grey – for your backdrop then adding a vibrant pink accent (both above). For the ‘An accent is not enough’ people, use your bold colour over a larger area, but work with the darker shades, too.

Think season of mellow fruitfulness for our first trend (ignore the mists, students of Keats). The colours are natural: golden yellow, burlap brown and olive green. The way they’re used in this dining space breaks many of the usual rules, though, with darker tones on the ceiling, through to lighter colour on the floor.

Love it? If your rooms have high ceilings, this will work a treat to make the space feel cosier. In a room with a low ceiling, play with this natural palette, but avoid going dark overhead if you don’t want to get the urge to duck when you walk into the room.

Love a touch of luxury? Take a look at the gorgeous palette of this second trend. Purple is traditionally the colour of opulence, but this is a rather more refined amethyst, and it can be teamed with colours such as cobalt and pearl grey, creating a lustrous finish.

If you have a dark wood floor, or furniture, this is a great way to update your room this autumn, as the wood will complement the palette beautifully. Just want a little dabble rather than a whole new look? Try a smaller area, like this display space. The rule with this trend? Think grown-up, masculine contrasts in each of your room schemes. This is a sophisticated look with colour surprises.

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