Accessorise at home with Bloomingville home decor

Little touches make a big difference to a room's look and a handful of decorative accessories will spruce up your interior in no time. Perhaps you're looking for the perfect piece to display on shelves or a statement light to brighten the room? For a range of beautiful accessories that will enhance your home decor, why not try the rather lovely home collection from Bloomingville, which features vases, lighting, stylish shelves and more. Take a closer look here...

When it comes to vases, creative shapes bag all the attention. Pick a selection you can display together and will look good with or without your favourite flowers.

These super stylish and practical veneer storage boxes are a great idea to house books, CD and other home collectibles.  They can be stacked any which way you want so the design possibilities are endless. When you fancy a change, simply re-arrange the look - without having to fiddle with any screws.

Shine a little extra light into that dull corner with these fantastic pendant lights. Choose from these bold and contemporary wall mounted lights or the classic and reliable desk lamp.

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