Design Ideas: Get the coastal look at home

Who doesn’t love a decorating scheme inspired by the coast? Using the colour combinations of sea, sand and sky, plus the associated patterns, motifs and textures is a look that’s reinterpreted every year and never gets old. There’s good reason why it’s a staple: a room that evokes memories of wide-open landscapes, fresh air and escape is one you want to spend time in. But there’s a lot of coast out there in the big wide world, and not all seasides are the same. So join our whistle-stop tour, and decide which beside-the-sea scheme suits your home the best...

When you’re dreaming of white-painted buildings against the intense blue of the Aegan and an endless cloudless sky above you rather than grey skies and wet pavements, don’t despair. You can at least bring this stunning combination to life at home. Crisp white woodwork and this beautiful ink Samaki wallpaper (above) with its fish motif, from Scion, will create the mood without an ouzo in sight.

If all that Nordic noir you’ve been watching has warped your view of Scandinavian landscapes with Wallander on a desolate beach the only coastal image you can summon, then do adjust your set. The gentle colours of Scandinavian sky, sea and sand in this Tranquil wallpaper from Harlequin’s Landscapes collection will make a room feel spacious and relaxing. Pictured at the top.
Always fancied a little place in the Hamptons where you can escape the city heat? Us, too. If the distances mean it’s not all that practical as a weekend retreat, now’s the time to get the look at home instead. Think nautical prints, weathered wood and wicker accessories, the signs that point you to the nearest seafood diner, and plenty of white-painted boards (we’d suggest the floor, if you don’t have your own beach shack). Bed linen, mug, cushions and towels from Lexington (below).

Seagulls stealing your chips and a bracing walk along the prom more your cup of char? You can feel the breeze of the British seaside and still create a chic and elegant scheme. Keep to a traditional blue and white seaside palette, and stay on the right side of nautical with stripes that are sophisticated rather than gaudy, and just a little light sprinkling of seaside motifs. Ice Blue shutters, Shutterly Fabulous.

And you can take a look at these coastal style finds too, coming to ACHICA on Monday 29 April 2013. Now, which way for the ice creams?

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For beautiful furniture, accessories and daily design ideas for your home and lifestyle,
shop at ACHICA.

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