App of the Week: AD Amazing Kitchens is perfect for planning

This good-looking app offers inspirations for your next kitchen project with the help of Architectural Digest. Start with the kitchens themselves: browse through images of over 100 kitchens categorised into styles from modern to country and more.

If you know what you’re looking for then you can type in a keyword to find it. Find something you like? Make sure you don’t forget it by saving it as a Favourite. Every striking photograph comes with details of where the kitchen is, and what materials are used.

The next tab is called Products and shows kitchen cabinets, cookers and other appliances. If you need something more visual, there’s a series of videos describing the elements of a traditional kitchen, sharing ideas of what makes a contemporary style, and so on. The app invites you to scroll between the videos but right now there are only three to choose from.

More interesting are the tips on how to connect your kitchen to the outside world, a useful quiz on how to decide how to plan to use the space you have, and even how to choose the cookware for your kitchen (copper, cast iron, aluminium, enamelled steel and more are discussed).

Finally, there’s the Sources section, which links you to providers of home automation, flooring, sinks and more. Many of these are US based (not all, mind: Farrow and Ball is there in the paint section, for instance) and each link simply takes you to the respective website. Even so, this section is probably the best part of Amazing Kitchens.

Lets be clear, this app isn’t comprehensive or all-knowing. But it’s a great place to find inspirations and suggestions, it has lots of neat information that’s updated regularly and, best of all, it’s free. Well worth a look.

Compatible with: iPhone and iPad.

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