Easter egg decorating with Rococo Chocolates

Easter is coming and that can only mean one thing...chocolate and more chocolate in every shape and size. Rabbit shaped, duck shaped and of course the classic favourite, egg shaped. This week ACHICA teamed up with the award-winning Rococo Chocolates to find out how their delicious chocolates are made, and to host a truly egg-citing Easter egg decorating event, inviting bloggers to come along and have a go at being master chocolatiers...

Upon arrival to the Rococo chocolate shop  everyone was treated to a hot chocolate and homemade marshmallow treats to nibble on whilst chief chocolatier Julie told us all about how chocolate is made. We learnt about how the chocolate comes from a fruit that grows on cacao trees in warm, wet climates and that Rococo's small organic cocoa farm Grococo is in Grenada. The   cocoa pods are harvested and sliced open to reveal a white fleshy fruit that looks much like a lychee. After being fermented, the cocoa beans are dried out, and the bad beans are hand sorted from the good beans, which are then roasted to each chocolate producers' flavour specification.

The outer skin of the cocoa bean is then blown away (much like the skin of a peanut) and then refined and ground into a paste.  From here things like cocoa butter, sugar, milk and vanilla is added before being tempered and turned into the chocolate we buy and love.

At the event, bloggers made their way downstairs to the famous ‘Chocolate School’ where they were given two eggs to decorate with a colourful assortment of toppings from coconut flakes and crystallised ginger to hazel nuts, coffee beans and purple chocolate balls. Attaching each decoration with a ‘chocolate glue’ was definitely easier said than done and a new found respect for the neatness of chocolate embellishments was recognised indeed.

After each half of the egg was decorated the other half  was stuck together, let to set, and glued onto a golden base.

Whilst waiting for the chocolate glue to set, there was a tasting of Rococo’s award-winning ganache with flavours including yummy Earl Grey Tea and Champagne.

With some wonderful and creative designs made as well as some lovely treats to take away, this was most definitely an egg-cellent start to the Easter break. Happy Easter everyone!

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