5 ways to wake up a tired guest bedroom

As your diary starts to fill up with weekend dates for visitors coming to stay over the Easter break, now's a great time to address the look in the guest bedroom. Having possibly not had a look in since Christmas, the guest bedroom is an easy space to bring to life this season. Here are five simple yet effective ideas...

1. For a chic country feel, say goodbye to staid streamlined style: instead of featuring a large square mirror in the room, make an interesting feature above the headboard with a selection of vintage and antique mirrors (as above). It ruffles up the look beautifully while making the room appear larger than it is. The bed linen pictured here is from the Rosamund range from This Morning Bed & Bath promotion at ACHICA.

2. For a quick and easy way to instantly add warmth to the room, place a bold, coloured bed runner or throw over the end of the bed. Team with similar cushions and accessories to tie the look together and add balance. The bed linen here is from the Auvergne range at ACHICA.

3. Don't be afraid to adopt vibrant pattern in guest bed linen to update the look. Unlike the master bedroom, you won't have to live with the bed linen in the guest room every day, so you can get away with choosing punchy shades of red, green or blue, as opposed to neutral cream and white shades that you might think more appropriate for daily use. Green pillows contrast well with the brilliant red bed linen pictured below, for example. To enhance the relaxed yet stylish feel, choose side tables in unusual designs and made from textured materials such as rattan, like the one pictured below. Unusual designs and materials such as these help to enhance the warm and welcoming feel and add character to the 'story' of the room. The bed linen pictured here is the Hibiscus range at ACHICA.

4. Remember to get the guest towels out of the cupboard and given a wash and refresh in advance of your guests coming to visit. Forgive us if we're starting to sound a little Jane Austen, but a helpful host will always place clean towels at the end of the bed prior to visitors arriving. For a great response from guests, stick with crisp white in pure cotton material like the Classic bath towels from the This Morning promotion at ACHICA, pictured below. Add Mr Darcy for an even better response.

5. There's a fine line between scatter cushions adding style to the guest bedroom's look and them being just a little bit annoying: no guest wants to make the bed in the morning if it means trying to rearrange a million and one scatter cushions just how the host displayed them the night before. So why not just stick to a few cushions and perhaps display ones that spell out words that send a clear message, such as these from ACHICA:

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