Chic Shopping: Update your home with a new view

A dose of sunshine – however brief – really can transform your mood. On the downside, it can also expose the wintriness of your home. Dark colours and warm textures don’t feel quite right when the sunlight reaches your rooms, do they? A lovely spring day is therefore the perfect excuse for a little room rethinking, reworking, and – hands up – a little light shopping. A good day all round, we say. Here are some interiors ideas you might want to try...

A room scheme with dark coloured walls can look sophisticated and elegant, but it doesn’t help the space feel sunny and spring like. Instead of ditching a colour you love, though, how about a little bit of light multiplication? You’ll need a generously sized mirror, such as this floor length design from The Dormy House. Prop it against the wall and it’ll reflect all that lovely sunlight that’s coming into your room. Sorted!

Much as we adore choosing a fabulous fabric for a window treatment, there are times when you don’t want to cover windows – especially if they’re supersized – and the urge will probably strike with the spring sunshine. It’s worth remembering, though, that the sun isn’t as kind to your furnishings as your mood, so if you’re uncovering the windows, do consider a protective film – this one is Purlsol – to keep your lovely things, er, lovely.

It’s inevitable that when it’s cold and dark, the focus of your room will be inwards and towards the fireplace if you have one. But there’s a whole world out there – or at least your street, patio or garden, where there are growing things and tweeting things you’ve been missing for all these months. The solution is simple: move that furniture round and take advantage of the view. You’ll see your room in a whole new way as well as gaining a view. Jiao wallpaper, Steve Leung collection from Graham & Brown (pictured below).

To change the season in your rooms, change the mood. A little touch of seaside style will make the atmosphere bright, airy and summery, and it doesn’t take much. A small display on a mantel or side table using simple glass jars, nautical prints and white-painted wood and you can smell the sea and hear the crunch of the pebbles/feel the sand between your toes (delete as applicable to your favourite beside-the-sea place). Beach Huts hand-printed linocut by Fiona Carver is pictured below.

Winter is all about piling on the layers in your interiors and indulging in cosy textural fabrics like wool and tweed. Refreshing for spring can be as simple as paring back. Take the complexity out of your room schemes, and go for fresh walls and floors. It’s as easy as a paint job and a clear out. Walls, ceiling, panelling and floor paint, pictured below, all Farrow & Ball.

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