App of the Week: Clear

Are you a lists sort of person? Enjoy the satisfaction of crossing out an achieved task and writing a whole new list the next day? If so, you’ll know that there’s no equivalent pleasure to be had digitally. To-do list apps lack charm and elegance. Until Clear came along...

Clear stands out because it looks and sounds just great. There is a bunch of colour schemes available, each with subtle gradations or rainbow contrasts between each task.

Then, it makes brilliant use of the iPhone’s motion sensor, touchscreen and connected features. You can put tasks into different lists. Once you’ve finished adding tasks to your shopping list, pinch your fingers together to go up a level to all your other lists. Pull down on the screen to add a task, touch and drag to change an item’s importance, and so on.

You complete a task by swiping it to the right. A tick appears, a note sounds, the text is crossed out and it fades but doesn’t disappear. Or you can swipe left to remove it entirely. Made a mistake? Shake the phone and you can undo what you’ve done.

Ths app is compatible with iCloud so you can, if you wish, save your tasks there. That way, your iPad and Mac are always up to date with your iPhone as well.

It’s so enjoyable to use you may find you’re creating extra tasks just for the sake of playing with it (although that’s contrary to the productivity of the app).

The real gift of Clear is its versatility. You can use it exactly as you wish, choose bright pink for your design to-dos, shamrock green for shopping, blue for your holiday packing list, monochrome for your dreams. On the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 you can use the microphone on the keyboard to dictate your tasks.

Elegant, classy and slightly addictive.

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