Chic Shopping: 5 savvy storage ideas from Kare Design

Finding a place to store all your 'stuff' - be it your clothes, gadgets or endless supply of household instruction manuals - can be tricky business. Too many large wardrobes can encroach on a space and make a room feel smaller than it really is, while too few storage options will leave your stuff scattered around carefree, making way for an unsightly 'floordrobe'. Not a good look. The solution is to find subtle and clever ways to house your homewares with unique and stylish designs. Here are five options that might just tickle your storage fancy, from the Kare Design promotion at ACHICA today:

1. The characterful and colourful look of the Harlekin Dresser is so hot right now you'll need your sunglasses on to look at it. With its distressed frame and multi-coloured body, with two wide drawers and four smaller drawers, it creates a unique statement that you’ll want to show off in a prominent position in a room.

2. The white Diva Dressing Table, pictured below, is a space saving buy. Its design is practical and good looking, featuring a stool that tucks under the dressing table and two chest of drawers, which are on wheels so you can steer them round the room as desired. A fold-down built-in mirror completes the ingenious design.

3. This Four Drawer Suitcase Dresser has got as much romantic, vintage flair as Hollywood film classic Brief Encounter. The piece, pictured below, provides a clever and neat way to store all your bits and bobs while adding style to a corner of a room.

4. This wooden Malibu Drawer Tower is an alternative storage solution, ideal for paperwork, CDs or smaller items such as jewellery. It features six drawers in a random stack formation and each piece has a colourful, individual facade. Ideal for smaller rooms where space is in short supply.

5. The Design Lodge Buffalo Trunk is ideal for contemporary and classic set ups alike. Its beautiful leather finish and studded edging will improve with age and see you through the seasons. It includes one base drawer and a top compartment and is ideal for storing blankets, linens and your vintage issues of Vogue/Beano*...(*delete as appropriate).

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