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Some days you crave a simple meal rather than a plateful of complex flavours. All you're after is some fresh soft bread – rather than the supermarket variety - and a fabulous cheese to go with it. Perhaps simplicity in your decorating schemes is what you want too. And this is where the pop of colour comes in. A monochrome unpatterned background plus an accent looks contemporary and striking. It’s a straightforward concept but the effect is refreshing. Before you give it a go, take a look at these lovely examples.

A kitchen is the perfect place to introduce the look. A room with pale units and pale flooring comes to life with some brilliantly coloured dining chairs. Alternatively, go smaller. Swap small kitchen essentials like stainless steel kettles and toasters for the new brights. Don’t mix and match: just pick your favourite bold shade and go for it. This European Oak flooring (pictured above) is from Paris Ceramics.

Working from home? Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone you’re still in your PJs at 10am. Your home office is the perfect place to play with a pop of colour – after all, you don’t want your home office to look as dull as your work office. A modular system like this one from Go Modern (below) means you can add a fantastic contrast colour.

Think about creating a surprise when you add a pop of colour. Set against a white wall, this Rita and Sita plum console from The French Bedroom Company makes for an unexpected burst of colour. A brilliantly coloured piece of furniture would look great bringing a plain hallway to life as well.

Soft furnishings are a great way to bring in your pop of colour – but don’t just think cushions. A beautiful blue headboard transforms this bedroom. You can keep your bedlinen five-star hotel white, but your colour will add the personal touch to the scheme. Tao bed in Aqua, Natural Bed Company.

A pop of colour’s not just for ultra-modern decorators, either. You can use it to give a contemporary twist to a room that leans towards the more traditional. A bedside light in brilliant red showcased against the understated wall in French Gray from Farrow & Ball creates 21st century style.

These bright Joker pendants from Fransden caught our eye. Full of industrial good looks and a glossy finish they'd add a subtle splash of colour anywhere in your home.

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