Flirt with hot colours

Once upon a time we decorated as if neutral tones were the only way to go with our interiors. But seriously where was the fun in that? Alternatively, using colours with punch and vitality can be such a treat for you and your home, and it doesn’t even have to be a commitment. You can feel the instant attraction with your hot new colour and when the passion starts to fade, simply move on with no regrets and no harm done.

Of course, you want to make sure you make the most of your new relationship even if it is temporary, so it’s worth laying down sound ground rules so you cohabit happily. Here are some you might like to use...

The rule: A hit of white adds freshness to an interior scheme but nothing beats a powerful punch of pink for making a statement. Don't go overboard though as it’ll start to feel cloying. In this room (pictured above) a white table and chairs and a dramatic lampshade create contrast to the brilliant Superfresco Easy Checker wallpaper from Graham & Brown.

The rule: Love the colour as a backdrop rather than a block. Choosing a wallpaper with a vivid ground but a paler pattern, such as this Superfresco Easy Kensington from Graham & Brown (below) means you get all the benefits of stimulating colour, but with a pretty and feminine twist.

The rule: Dilute the dose. A shade that’s bold but also dark like the rich purple in this room is going to absorb the light, and can make your space feel smaller. Used in a striped wallpaper you create the same super-luxurious atmosphere in your interior without any of the downsides. Adisa wallpaper, Aloha fabric curtain, Navajo chair upholstery, all from the Wabi Sabi collection, Scion.

The rule: Always, always avoid a theme. This bold red tartan looks fabulous dressing the windows, but it’s used in an ultra contemporary way: no swags, no antlers on the walls, no matching cushions. You can repeat the colour in small doses, but then draw the line. Roller blinds from Digetex.

The rule: Set boundaries. A busy pattern of many different colours works to perfection, but only if it knows its place. Use it all over the room and you’ll just end up with a headache. Feature walls are fine, but other limited areas can be better. Here, the Vintage Stamps wallpaper from Purlfrost works with the bed and bedside tables to make a fantastic focal point.

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