The trend for botanical homewares

Our delight in all things floral can be traced as far back as 2,500BC in ancient Egypt when locals were adorning themselves with flowers. We've been decorating ourselves and our homes with floral prints ever since. So it's not surprising to learn that florals are a strong trend for spring 2013, though under the somewhat more haughty tag of botanicals, nodding to our national obsession with all things garden related. This year oversized, graphic Warholesque flower prints have been replaced by more restrained and artistic, smaller-scale petal and leaf designs.

And restraint is key to using the new generation of florals in your home. Where in the 1970s and 1980s we might have decorated an entire room with flowery things (wallpaper, curtains and cushions), in 2013 we are using designs sparingly. So, feature walls are still in, complemented ideally by white or very pale walls, as is bringing florals into the home via statement cushions or rugs.

Scottish designer Fi Douglas has been championing a painted kind of floral design seen in her Bluebellgray products (above and below). All of Bluebellgray’s designs are painted by hand in Glasgow and are a bright and bold way to introduce a floral motif to a room. 

Feature walls don’t always have to be about screamingly loud or crazily geometric patterns. An understated botanical works just as well. Sanderson’s Angel Ferns wallpaper brings a calm air to a room and provides a brilliant backdrop for houseplants.

Another way to bring botanicals into the home is on fabric. Curtains can work, but  avoid using ‘blousey’ prints so beloved in the 1970s and 1980s and opt for smaller repeats. A statement chair can introduce a note of nature to your scheme. This one (below) is from Parker Knoll. (Fabric is Tournier by Sanderson.)

Clarissa Hulse uses patterns and textures inspired by all things nature and botanical. These silk cushions are wonderfully luxurious and will complement most colour scheme. And you can shop the Clarissa Hulse promotion at ACHICA from Monday 18 February 2013.

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