Love is in the chair: Top 5 homewares to covet

These top five characterful homewares are as eye catching as a beautiful stranger across a crowded dancefloor. They will help to revitalise a forgotten space in a room and make you remember why you fell for your home in the first place. So if your home is looking a little tired and in need a great big hug, give it some love with one of these fabulous buys, all on promotion at ACHICA today...

The Union Jack Funky Little Darlings Wall Clock from Nursery Necessities is a particularly fun and stylish design piece. The tower comprises a large wall sticker that's two metres tall with a printed vintage flag and black metal hands, with windows cut out of the design to allow your chosen wall colour to show through.

Even if you've never attempted to use a sewing machine in your life (I may have tried, I may have failed), a tailor's dummy adds a nice decorative touch to a home office, studio space or hallway. I use mine to display large necklaces that are too beautiful to hide away in a drawer. This one from the Parisian chic promotion is made from solid tan oak wood and PU and just gets better with age. A view of Paris out of the window never fails either.

Scent is an important aspect of any home and first impressions do count. An easy way to 'make' an entrance when guests actually make an entrance is to fill your home with the beautiful parfum scent of Ashleigh and Burwood's unique Tales of London candles. 'Fragrance has the power to evoke memories, elicit sentiments,' quips the company. Very true indeed. The title of the collection is particularly romantic - if London could talk, imagine the tales it could tell...

Step away from mundane occasional furniture and add some fun with unique, upcycled pieces such as this gem below. Upcycled furniture makes an interesting statement feature, particularly head turning when set against bare walls. Browse the A Good Vintage promotion for customised trunks and sideboards and beautiful worn leather chairs, the latter of which you can easily sink into and while away an hour with a good book or your favourite box set.

And speaking of beautiful leather chairs that offer a timeless appeal, take a look at the deep-hued stunners in the Oliver B promotion. Teaming a set of Garbo Armchairs (pictured below) around a simple wooden table is a match made in heaven...

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