Garden trends for 2013

To get us geared up and ready to enjoy our gardens again this spring, award-winning garden designer, author and all-round nice bloke Andrew Wilson shares his top tips and predictions on what will be trending in 2013 in the wonderful world of gardening...

As well as creating beautiful private gardens and big public spaces like the spectacular Rose Garden at Windsor Great Park (below), Andrew and his design partner Gavin McWilliam at Wilson McWilliam Studio are presenting a modern garden at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show in the funky ‘Fresh’ category. Andrew is a judge at the Show, and founding Director of the London College of Garden Design.

[Image aboves: Chorleywood Garden and RoseGarden photos by Wilson McWilliam Studio]

What do you think people will be planting this year, after the diabolical weather we had in 2012?

“Well, I think anyone who gave ‘Grow Your Own’ a go last year will have been put off and may want to return to good old-fashioned ornamental plants and flowers. If you’re going to start growing your own vegetables in 2013, I’d recommend planting your crops in raised beds, which have good drainage, preventing plants from drowning, yet they’re equally effective in hot, dry weather. You can use them in small courtyard gardens or on patios too.”

Are there any trends for outdoor living?

“The big thing for 2013 is going to be outdoor fireplaces. People want to make the most of their gardens and a lounge area that’s warm in the evenings extends the time they can spend outside.”

[Image below: Fireplace photo by Wilson McWilliam Studio]

Remember to visit our blog on outdoor fireplaces before choosing one for your garden.

What are the new colour themes for gardens?

“Bright, jewel colours seem to be the in thing. We are using them for our Chelsea Flower Show garden for Cloudy Bay Vineyards, mixing oranges and reds with subtle grey and grassy green foliage. To make these colours work really well, use them in large blocks. So choose just a few plant varieties and instead of buying one or two, use ten or twelve in your designs. This will up the drama and create great impact.”

[Image below: Jewelcolours photo by Wilson McWilliam Studio]

Any garden features you think will be big this year?

“2012 was the year for green walls, but they can be quite time-consuming to maintain for the average gardener.  In my view, the trend for this year is simple, clean paving and building designs, using natural materials like wood and stone to create an elegant look.”

[Image above: SimpleMaterials photo by Wilson McWilliam Studio]

In terms of new designers, are there any bright young things we should be keeping an eye out for?

“Hugo Bugg is certainly a name to watch. He first caught my eye when he won Young Designer of the Year at Tatton Park Flower Show a few years ago, and has since gone from strength to strength. He made a good decision to create innovative gardens at the big flower shows, and he’s now working all over the world.”

We just love Hugo’s work here at ACHICA Living - just check out this gorgeous garden he designed in Dorset.

And this is one of Hugo’s Show Gardens from RHS Hampton Court Palace 2011.


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