Gorgeous Home Guide: The light shines bright in this stunning home

Lighting guru Sally Storey, Design Director at John Cullen, lives in a Grade II listed home in Hertfordshire with her husband and two children. We were lucky enough to catch up with Sally and take a sneak peek inside her beautiful Victorian home. Here she talks through the stylish design and in particular the stunning lighting…

Your living room (pictured above) is serenely lit. Can you tell us how you picked the different fittings?

The living room is where I want to relax. The lamps provide a soft glow but added drama is given to the fireplace with simple plug-in Square Highlights located just in front.  The pictures are lit with Polestars as is the centre of the coffee table, which brings the room scheme together.

We’ve spotted about four different forms of lighting in this room. Can you talk us through them and tell us what features you wanted to emphasise.

The lighting in the kitchen changes at the touch of a button - from a fresh working kitchen during the day, to a soft candle lit feel for supper. I wanted to minimise ceiling lights but at the same time still create impact. I have chosen Polestar downlights to focus over the island and dining table and light the artwork. Secondly pendants are used to create a visual focus and decorative infill light. Small LEDs from John Cullen as well as Eyelid Under Cupboard Lights and Footlights above the shelves work for the main cooking area. Finally at low level, the floor is lit using small Cazalla floor washers set into the kitchen plinth. This is my favourite room in the house.

It’s not often you see so many black fixtures in one room. Why did you choose this colour scheme and furnishings? 

The bookcases were here when I moved in but they were cream. I decided I wanted a stronger and less conventional look so by painting them black it helped the spines of the books stand out and become more dramatic. The bookcase was then lit from above with a Flexilight to draw more attention here. The TV is on an easel giving the impression that it is a contemporary piece of art and the sofas are designed to be able to curl up in.

What made you choose floorboards over carpet?

I ripped up the carpet and found the original floorboards and had them painted. I love the feel of timber and I think it’s much fresher.

The symmetry used in this room works really well especially with the wallpaper and berry colours. Do you have any other decorating tips for a bedroom?

To give a warm glow, lamps can do no wrong here.  I have also added two Cama bedside reading lights - attached to either side of the headboard - to ensure each person can read without disturbing the other.

What was the theme behind this bedroom?

In a country house I think it is nice to give each room its own identity. This is my bedroom and is simpler and more subdued and calm that the previous bedroom. I’ve always wanted a four-poster bed and I specifically ordered it to be extra high as my ceilings are so tall.

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