Embrace your inner drama queen with Graham & Brown’s wallpaper collection

The right wallpaper is the perfect tool to add character to bare walls in the hall, revitalise plain backdrops in the living room and revamp space that's demanding attention in the bedroom. Wallpaper is a fetish here at ACHICA Living. Vinyl, embossed or hand-printed, you name it, we love it. So, it’s no wonder that Graham & Brown’s latest collection has cast a spell over us. Aptly named, the Spellbound range features shimmery, bewitching designs including this sultry damask pattern (as above), which will add style to your walls. 

Conjuring up images from the famous Grimms' fairy tales Hansel & Gretel and Snow White, this wallpaper features a wonderfully luxurious flock design. The darkness of the flocking beautifully stands out against the softer shade of pink from the furniture. And what a great idea to use picture frames to highlight the wallpaper's story.

Inspired by Snow White, this Mirror Mirror wallpaper below is a montage of what looks like shimmering facets of glass. Add an actual Gothic-style mirror, a crystal chandelier and some Baroque furniture and you'll soon have the 'fairest looking' room in no time at all. No apple needed. 

And lastly, this Stardust Moonbeam creation (below) features a foil effect design, which will make your walls glitter like an endless galaxy of twinkling stars. Try something different and use it to decorate the ceiling in one of your rooms. Go on we dare you! 

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