Gorgeous Home Guide: Step inside this serene 1930’s home

Looking for fresh home ideas for the New Year? Having a snoop around a stunning interior is always a good place to start. Take the tour of this detached 1930’s house in Birmingham where classic detail meets contemporary colour blocking. Take the tour now...

Beyond the electric gates and smart front door of this detached home lies a showcase of beautiful rooms, each impeccably calm, minimalist and devoid of clutter.

The house had been divided into several smaller rooms and was in need of work when the new owner Naveed first bought it. He regutted it and worked out a new plan to produce a series of light, interconnecting spaces. Removing all the dark panelling and tired fittings, he installed new state-of-the-art bathrooms, new doors and all new windows and a streamlined kitchen.

Much of Naveed’s inspiration came from the interiors of newly built villas, apartments and hotels in Dubai.  ‘When I visit hotels I take note of the finer details,’ he says. ‘There was one time that I was sitting in Ralph Lauren’s villa in Emirtas Hills in Dubai and noticed how soothing it felt. I realised it had a lot to do with the different shades of white he mixed together. So I used the same idea in this house. Nothing has been painted in pure white - instead I have used different warm tones of off-white. I'm always looking for ideas from buildings I see along the way. For example, I visited the Tommy Hilfiger showroom in Bond Street and admired the coving so much that I measured up its exact size and I have copied the design here.’

By exchanging solid doors for new etched glass doors, light flows unimpeded throughout the house. Most of the wooden floorboards have been installed to run diagonally, which is another reliable space expanding trick. The furniture is mainly contemporary Italian in style and has been deliberately chosen on a grand scale to create an opulent look.

Naveed has a special love of iconic furniture designs that last. Along with splashes of red, he chose masculine colour combinations of walnut, neutrals, black and white believing they will outlast the whims of fashion.

One of the most enticing features of the house is the raised fireplace with transparent flue centrally placed in the snug next to the kitchen. It's a spot where Naveed and fiancé Javeria, who has also stamped her design ideas on the home, sit watching films in the evenings, ‘Sitting in front of the flickering flames with surround sound and a screen, this space feels as luxurious than any home cinema I can think of,’ says Javeria. 'It's one of the cosiest parts of the house.'

Words adapted from: Maggie Colvin

Photos:  Nicholas Yarsley

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