Shop the shade: Elegant in ecru

If you’ve had to use your sunnies to face the recent trends for bright and beautiful, then you'll be relieved to see a little ecru. Did you know that ecru has only been a colour since the 1930s? Prior to that it was just another word for beige. Now it has an altogether subtler meaning. From, the French écru, which means 'raw' or 'unbleached,' it is that lovely pale warm grey that you often find in untreated linen or silk.

'Depending on the mood of your scheme, ecru can create a feeling of warmth, space, glamour and style,' says Richard Bayliss-Ibram, Brand Manager for EDC London. 'Ecru can create two very different looks when used in a variety of quantities. A recent scheme saw very dark, inky blue walls act as a backdrop for deep blue-black sofas. The rugs have also been kept dark, but of a more grey palette. An ecru-coloured armchair in soft leather placed on the rug infuses the scheme with a shot of light. Shades of ercu and grey can be used on cushions and accessories to lift the absorbing surrounds. The overall effect is rich and sumptuous.

An alternative use for ecru on sofas and rugs allows a rich natural palette. Pale light walls, almost milk-like, allow any shade of Ecru on the sofa furnishings.

'When reflected on the floors with rugs the options are endless. Introduce tobacco stained oak to this in the cabinets and coffee table and the space will feel opulent. A pair of matching armchairs upholstered in a large grey check adds the statement pieces. Scatter accent coloured cushions on the sofa and finish with a vintage glass table lighter in the same colour on a smoked glass coffee table top. Cool, calm and considered.'

Jasmine Silk’s bedding and accessories create a restful ambience, demonstrating the trend for warm neutrals perfectly. Cream, mink and mushroom tones bring a calming atmosphere to any room, creating a classic style that’s relaxed and inviting. And you can complete the look with a soft silk camel blanket or throw.

It’s important to incorporate textural variation into a scheme that uses similar colours. Voyage Maison have a fabulous range of upholstered armchairs and sofas, which work brilliantly accessorised with their throws and cushions, providing a range of textures to provide interest for the eye.

And if you want to add just the tiniest touch of ecru, try these lavender hearts from Catherine Tough.

These luxurious and plump Paoletti cushions maybe just the thing you need to bring a hint of ecru to your home.

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