Animal Decor: Step aside owls…there’s a new bird in town

We all love a woodland creature, don’t we? Squirrels, owls, foxes... they’ve all been big in interiors for a while now, and they do look rather lovely. But we’d like to suggest an alternative for your schemes. For a moment set aside motifs featuring those pesky beasts who steal from your bins or make holes in your lawn, and instead, pick animals you’re more likely to see on safari. Yes, it’s time for interiors that are more Life of Pi than Fantastic Mr Fox.

Peacocks can, of course, be found wandering round stately homes, but with their gorgeous colours and extravagant plumes, they’re certainly not your run-of-the-mill woodland bird. Look out for the motif on smaller pieces, or fall for this oversized version on the Peacocks wallpaper from Minakani Lab (above).

What’s in the new interiors menagerie? You could start off on in Africa, perhaps, with a pachydermal presence, as seen in this Animals wallpaper from Olive Loves Alfie. You’ll find elephant motif cushions and accessories, too, and they’ll look fabulous teamed with tribal pattern and dark wood finishes.

Fancy the glitz, glamour and ice-cream shades of Miami to warm your cockles while you gaze at the snow? Swap the homely owl for the more exotic flamingo – which you’ll find everywhere from cushions to shower curtains and tableware – and feel the sun overhead and the sand in your toes rather than the not-quite crackle of damp sticks under walking boot in a gloomy British wood in winter.

If the strutting peacock does feel a little too evocative of your local National Trust property, though, we’d like to take you on the trek to Machu Picchu – or at least create the idea because, well, we’re not that generous. Give centre stage to a llama, as seen on this Anthropologie cushion, and you can dream of spending time in the land of the Incas rather than hanging out in your local coffee shop.

And while you’re at the adopting-creatures-that-aren’t-from-just-down-the-road interiors strategy, we’d suggest you refresh your coastal-inspired room schemes, too. Never mind the sea birds that steal your chips: hang your hat (or your bathrobe) on a creature of the deep with an Octopus hook, also from Anthropologie.

British designer Anna Marrow's hand-printed screen prints have been inspired by animals including birds and cats (as above) placing them around every day object and scenarios. Her prints are all finished with a delicate touch of glitter to give it that extra glam.


Rabbits and mice can also be seen in the charming Artisanti candle holder and the Dynomighty eco-ink printed lightweight wallet at ACHICA.


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