Is 3D printing at home the future? Watch it in action here

3D printing was stamping its mark at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show this year in a fun fashion. The fascinating process that lets you design and ‘print’ your own objects by layering materials such as eco-friendly plastic is going mainstream and headfirst into our homes. Manufacturers such as 3D Systems have launched colourful user-friendly looking gadgets such as the Cubify Cube – a ‘take-home-in-a-box’ printer that comes in an array of pop colours and prints objects in bright hues such as glow-in-the-dark blue and green.

The Cube certainly captured my imagination and while at CES 2013 I took a short video of the 3D printing process. Excuse the shaky camerawork - I’d never seen 3D printing in action before and was rather excited. The 3D printers don’t come cheap – from $1,000 – but you can print all manner of objects such as vases, napkin holders and sunglasses. If you do get your hands on one, who knows where the creativity will stop. Shoes? Bags? Plant pots? Could you print a garden shed?! 3D printing is an exciting idea and one that has endless possibilities...

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