Top 5 home furnishings turning heads today at ACHICA

There are some stunning fixtures and furnishings for your home on promotion at ACHICA today and here are some of the highlights. We'll make this quick as you may still have some last-minute food lists to sort, presents to buy, Christmas cards to write, fairies to stick on top of trees etc...

At number 1, the promotion from leading Scandinavian company KJ Elegant Accents. It features beautiful polished silver candelabras, storage glasses, vases, trays and candle holders.

At number 2, artist Anita Klein and her limited-edition woodcuts.

At number 3, handmade rugs from i2K. Big, bold, retro and fabulous.

At number 4, the Light With Colour promotion featuring vibrant styles from the likes of MUNO, Nordlux and Russell Lowe.

And at number 5, Devon Duvets - a brand that uses British wool in duvets and pillows, helping to support British farms. Winter warming.

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Emily Peck, Editor

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