Top 10 looks for your bedroom

Let’s hear it for the bedroom. It’s the room where you don’t have to worry about decorating that’s life-proof (because it doesn’t see the daily to and fro of everyone who lives in your home); where you don’t need to think about creating an interior that makes family and friends feel at ease and where you don’t have to hold back on expressing your personal style. This is a room that just needs to please you (and your partner of course). Take a look at our top 10 looks for the bedroom and see which one inspires you...

You probably don’t live in a chateau, but you can still make your room palatial. An ornate bed, a chandelier, elegant drapes and an accent of regal purple and you can live the life – at least until you shut the door behind you and go and face the real world each day. This Versailles bed from And So To Bed is finished in silver leaf.

Forget itty-bitty patterns on your bed linen and go for a dramatic oversized motif that will take centre stage. This design (pictured below) is Hermosa from Harlequin, and combined with plain white walls makes quite a statement.

If life’s frantic, creating a bedroom that’s calm can help. Hotel-style looks with beautiful white bedlinen – this is from Boutique Linen – will set the mood, while ruthless removal of clutter will complete the look.

The idea of a pale scheme in other rooms might be alluring, but impractical. But who needs to be so rational in the bedroom? Pick white, pick cream, pick the faintest of greys. Choose the lightest colours for flooring, rugs, walls and furniture. Beautiful. This bed is from The French Bedroom Company.

Alternatively, try a palette that might feel too feminine for elsewhere in your home – a sprinkling of pastels. Used as layers of colour, they feel pretty but grown-up and perfect for a bedroom. These colours are Rock Candy 6, Frayed Hessian 3 and Fruit Fool 6 – all from Dulux.

Love an upholstered bed? Us too. But we urge you to dwell for a moment on how lovely a patterned finish can be – this candy pink ticking bed from Sofas & Stuff being a mouth-watering example. You might also want to dwell on how lovely a small dog looks on a bedroom chair. But remember, he’s for life...

For lovers of the sleek and sophisticated, this bedroom from Neville Johnson might be a bit more up your street. And why not? It’ll create a spacious feel with its low, horizontal lines, plus house all your bedside stuff.

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Partner allergic to anything that might lean to the romantic boudoir look? Then here’s an alternative. In a selection of subtle neutrals from the floor, by Quick-Step, to the walls, furniture and bed linen, it’s fuss-free, but includes appealing textures that means it’s still as comfortable as a bedroom should be.

Blue doesn’t have to make you feel, well, blue. It looks great in a bedroom when you combine different shades and patterns, and with just a dash of an accent to spice things up. These fabrics are from Jane Churchill.

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