The sky is the limit with the colour of 2013: Indigo

Has the cold weather left you feeling a little low? Well there's not been a better time to embrace the winter blues and that's because indigo is the next big thing. Yes that's right - you heard it hear first. 'The colour of the year for 2013 acts as a visual band-aid to our hectic lives,' says AkzoNobel's Aesthetic Center, Colour Futures. 'Indigo is a striking statement colour associated with wisdom and honesty and it enhances your home environment.'

But how to use this colour at home? Shutterly Fabulous (pictured at top) show how to add 'warmth and depth' to an interior featuring every shade from baby blue to deepest indigo. Mini Moderns (above and below) bring its usual brand of Mid-Century wit to the indigo party with lines like Whitby and Backgammon. Meanwhile, Naomi Brown, Creative Projects Designer at fabric manufacture Sanderson, gives us a little insight into indigo. 'Indigo is a rich, yet cooling and purifying colour, which dates back to 1600 BC in India, China and the Middle East, where it was often used as a colour for royalty.' Sanderson demonstrates that regal look beautifully with a classy collection of linens and some very grown-up indigo paint.

David Holmes from Anton Studio Designs suggests injecting an inky burst of colour using accessories like glassware: 'Indigo works perfectly throughout the year, as it’s such a rich colour. I think it’s easy for people to mix and match when it’s a snapshot of colour like glassware. You can create an accent with tumblers or wine glasses.'

At ACHICA, we're particularly seeing a lot of indigo used in bedding. Even Elizabeth Hurley has got in on the act and designed her own range of printed cotton bed linen with coordinating accessories featuring damask and paisley prints, with embroidered cushions and velvet runners.

Indigo looks good teamed with co-ordinating colours too. Carol Moxham of Merlin Glass says: 'We are seeing indigo paired with lime, chocolate brown and grey, adding that gem-like splash of colour.' It really comes into its own against metallics too.

'The beauty of indigo in interiors is its versatility. Surprisingly, indigo can add warmth and depth to an interior that uses a variety of blue shades. Base notes of indigo, contrasting with neutral colour, can create a crisp, cool look,' says, Jill Rice-Jones from Montgomery, demonstrating the latter perfectly with its Artisan Collection.

The white geometric motifs contrast with the indigo coloured in the Kasuri duvet cover from the V&A's Asian collection, while indigo is featured heavily in Anita Klien's wood block prints at ACHICA. Like what you see? Shop the shade at  ACHICA.

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