Home for Christmas with textile designer Margo Selby

Margo Selby's vibrant range of homewares come to ACHICA this week. We catch up with the textile designer, famed for her three-dimensional cushions, throws and wallpaper, to find out how she'll be spending Christmas and what's on her wish list this year...

What do I love most about winter? Snuggling up infront of the fire with a glass of wine and a good book.

On my Christmas wish list is...a house full of antique furniture for my new home in Whitstable. That would be amazing, but it's a bit of a fantasy. In reality a few colourful kitchen accessories would make me very happy as I have a new kitchen with nothing in it.

For Christmas my home is decorated with...Lights lights and more lights. You can't beat a twinkle to make you feel festive. This year I will also be putting up lots of mistletoe in the hope that I might be kissed under it.

My favourite Christmas memory is...Large family parties hosted by my Granny. Lots of games and laughter and of course a huge pile of presents for everyone.

This Christmas...I'm hoping to spend it with my daughter Cleo in Whitstable, walking on the beach, having a delicious lunch and then playing games with my family.

My five fantasy dinner party guests would be...Alison Steadman, Paul Smith, Sacha Baron Cohen, Wendy Cope and my Dad.

Do I love or hate Brussel sprouts? They'll do if spruced up with chestnuts and pancetta.

My favourite Christmas tipple is...Champagne with freshly squeezed tangerine.

My favourite Christmas song is... 'I saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus'.

My top tip for entertaining at Christmas would be...Relax and enjoy yourself - there's nothing worse than a tense host.

My speedy festive recipe idea is...Raspberry Vodka.

It makes an amazing Christmas gift (best made in the summer when raspberries are in abundance) and poured into special bottles with thoughtfully designed labels or as a delicious festive tipple.

300g of raspberries

350g of white granulated sugar

1.5 litres (or more) of medium quality vodka (don't be tempted to go for the cheapest or the best)

Sterilised 2 litre Le Parfait jar or 2-3 (70 cl) washed and sterilised vodka bottles

Extra vodka bottles. We save a few empty bottles throughout the year as the raspberries and sugar fill about one third of each bottle


1. Wash raspberries and discard any bruised/bad fruit. Place raspberries in either a large 2 litre Kilner/Le Parfait jar or divide the raspberries between 2 or 3 (70 cl) saved vodka bottles. If you have to squeeze fat raspberries through the neck it is fine.

2. Using a funnel, add the sugar (divide the amounts if using several bottles) and top up with vodka to 2-3cm from the top.

3. Shake every day until the sugar is dissolved and then store in a cool, dark place until you can resist it no longer (leave for at least three months, we usually let it mature for a year).

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